The “Green” approach to pest control.
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) - Freedom Pest Control - Specialists in Insect Extermination, Animal and Pest Removal and Exclusion - Topsfield, MassachusettsIntegrated Pest Management (IPM) is a pest control strategy that uses various complementary methods that include:

  1. Mechanical devices
  2. Physical devices
  3. Genetic, biological and chemical management

These methods are used throughout the three stages of the process. These stages are prevention, observation, and intervention. An IPM is an environmentally safe approach with the main goal of significantly reducing or eliminating the use of pesticides.

IPM Program Steps

  • Inspection of all buildings and grounds.
  • Sanitation practices reviewed.
  • Monitoring program for pests is initiated.
  • Repairs performed as needed to prevent pest access.
  • Potential pest species are identified and a control strategy is determined.
  • Pesticides are applied only when a known pest is present.
  • The least hazardous pesticides are used.
  • Records are kept of pest activity and control measures.
  • Program is evaluated and recalibrated on a regular basis.