Although the thought of cute, woodland creatures nesting near your home conjures up nostalgic images found in childhood movies, the reality is that animals like foxes, squirrels, birds, beavers, and other creatures can be a nuisance. Birds can nest in your attic or inside the walls in your house, and groundhogs can burrow in your yard, leaving holes and soft spots. Simply put, these woodland creatures are much better seen in fairy tales than around your yard and home.

What Are The Most Common Animals in Massachusetts and New Hampshire?

Wild animals are frequently seen throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire, especially in more rural areas. The following animals are commonly seen nesting around homes, and can even get inside homes and cause damage:


Signs That You Have an Animal Control Problem

Animals like birds, chipmunks, and raccoons seek out warmth and shelter in or around human dwellings, especially during the winter months. If a squirrel, chipmunk, or bird gets into your home and sets up a nest, they can cause significant damage to your home’s structure. Birds and chipmunks are small and can get inside the walls, making scratching or scurrying noises, especially at night.

Snakes, gophers, and groundhogs can burrow into your yard, leaving gaping holes or creating what feels like a “soft spot” when you walk on the ground. While gophers and groundhogs are little more than an annoyance, many types of snakes can be poisonous or even deadly.

In some cases, a family with an animal control problem may never see the actual animal at all. For example, they may wake up to find that their trash outside has been scattered and dug through, even though the animal is no longer present. You may also see the animal’s nest, where scraps of paper or fabrics have been gathered together in a dark and quiet corner of your home. Often, animal droppings are the first sign that an unwanted creature has taken up residence in or near your home.

When to Call an MA & NH Animal Control Professional

If you see these animals nesting near or in your home, contact an MA & NH animal control professional as soon as possible. Some of these animals, like opossums, can be rabid and dangerous. It is not recommended that you attempt to trap or get rid of these animals on your own.

At Freedom Pest Control, our experienced animal control technicians have the skills and resources to eliminate unwanted animal nesting in or around your home. We use a variety of techniques to humanely but effectively trap animals and remove them, while simultaneously securing your yard and home to prevent additional animals from nesting in the future.

If you suspect you have an animal control problem, don’t wait to get help. Call 1-877-PESTS-55 today to get started or request a service visit by clicking here.