House Mouse / Field Mouse Treatment Description

Welcome to Freedom Pest Control’s page on house mouse / field mouse treatment. The house mouse or field mouse is very common in the Northeast. Mice are rodents and therefore instinctively chew/gnaw almost nonstop. There are two major problems associated with having a mouse problem, one economic the second is health related.

The greatest economic loss is not due to how much mice eat, but what has to be discarded due to damage and/or contamination due to the gnawing, feces/droppings, and urine. Food, clothing, books, furniture, washing machines, refrigerators, and other appliances all destroyed by mice and most importantly mice are a vector of diseases. Many people who have a mouse problem/infestation may never actually see a mouse. Mice are nocturnal and most often come out at night when people are sleeping or businesses are closed. If you see a mouse in the daytime, odds are that the infestation is very serious. The most common signs of a mouse/mice problem are the presence of droppings around baseboards, kitchen cabinets, and storage areas. Some people can hear mice gnawing in walls, scampering, or squeaking. Cats and dogs may scratch at a wall hearing or smelling mice within.

Freedom Pest Control uses an Integrated Pest Control system of exclusion, rodenticides and on-going maintenance and prevention. The first thing our technician does is to inspect your home for areas that allow mice to get in. The simplest way to control mice is to deny rodents access to buildings. Rodents often gain access into buildings by crawling under door gaps or squeezing through poorly sealed pipe chases and other voids. Door sweeps should be installed on all exterior doorways to deny rodent entry into your building. Any entrances we find that the technician cannot easily seal will be reported to you. This and other suggestions are provided as a means for you to help reduce the population in the coming years.

With the exterior inspection complete we then install bait stations in areas accessible to the mice but not to children and pets. The mice feed on the rodenticide, continue back on the path they came from and will die within a 48 hour period. Your 30-45 day follow up appointment will ensure properly baited stations are available to the mice.

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