Do I have bed bugs?

This question is usually asked in a panicked state.

What should I do? First, don’t panic. Call Freedom and we can help educate you about the nasty bug.

Typical places where bed bugs hide and breed. Includes mattress and surrounding areas where you may find bed bugs. Produced by UF/IFAS Entomology and Nematology Department.

Bed bugs themselves are insects with a reddish brown tint, larvae and younger bed bugs are usually translucent becoming white or gold till they feed. Once they feed they will have a more reddish appearance. Adults are small in size 4-5 mm in length and 1.5 mm in width and are oval and flat.

However, they are expert at hiding. The most common area will be at the head end of your bed under the thick stitched seam. You are much more likely to see blood smears in this area and on the sheets, which is their fecal matter. This will appear as black dots from a pen. You also may find bed bug casings and skin that they have shed. Bed bug eggs are clear and very small, almost invisible to the human eye. When the female deposits her eggs they have a sticky substance to ensure the egg stays put which is one of the reasons why bed bugs spread so efficiently.

The fecal matter, shed skin and blood smears are the signs you must focus on. Peel back the sheets on your bed and look in the crevices of your mattress at the head of bed, specifically the crevice between the box spring and the mattress. This is a primary hiding place as bed bugs like to be close to their food source.

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Freedom Pest Control uses traditional methods as well as heat treatments.

Freedom Pest Control strives to be an industry leader in new bed bug treatment technologies. Our 3-step treatment with rotating pesticides ensures all bed bugs are eliminated. While some companies don’t change, Freedom Pest Control is constantly researching new state of the art treatments.
Freedom Pest Control also adheres to the NPMA Best Management Practices for Bed Bugs.

We customize our treatment for your home. (Click here for an explanation of our traditional 3-Step Bed Bug treatments.)

Heat treatments are simply that. We heat your home to about 125-135°F. Heat kills the egg, nymph and adult stages of the bed bug. Heat treatment requires substantially less preparation and the heat treatment method kills all stages of bed bugs instantly. (Click here for an explanation of our Bed Bug heat treatment.)