Thank you for visiting the Freedom Pest Control web site about your bed bug infestation.

The following is a brief explanation of bed bugs and how our 3 step treatment works.

Bed bugs are usually in the immediate vicinity of where people sleep. Bed bugs feed only when people are resting still for at least 20-30 minutes, not always at night and not always in bed. They hide in virtually any crack, crevice or hole available to them including bureaus, night stands, wall openings, fixtures on the wall, behind paneling or loose wall paper and most of the time in box springs, mattress and bed frames including head boards. Human bed bug females lay between 300 and 500 eggs over their adult life. Each egg hatches in about 7-10 days and the nymphs take between 2-5 months to develop into adults. The adult can live for up to a year without feeding. They tend to live in clusters with other bed bugs and prefer to be within 20 feet of their food source.

Bed bug preparation is required. Freedom Pest can complete the bed bug preparation service for you for an additional fee. Prior to treatment all mattress and box springs must be covered with zipped encasements designed for bed bug control. Any items that can go in the dryer should go in for 40 minutes on high. The dryer treatment should be done just prior to each visit. Mattress & box springs should be stood up and stripped. All items pulled away from base boards in effected rooms.

Freedom Pest Control’s bedbug treatment plan consists of 3 separate visits, each about 5-7 days apart.

Our first treatment is a liquid pesticide designed to kill on contact, with an additive to drive bed bugs from hiding areas, as well as providing extended coverage for control as a residual treatment. The treatments are made in crack and crevices in each bedroom. Bedrooms with activity will have the bed frame as well as bureaus, nightstands and other areas bed bugs hide treated with liquid pesticide. Also a powdered pesticide is injected into all wall plates like electrical outlets and phone jacks as this is a great place for bed bugs to hide.

Our second treatment is similar to the first but limited to cracks and crevices only plus any areas found active during the inspection process.

The third treatment consists of applying a residual pesticide and installing monitor devices.

Freedom Pest will re-treat any bed bug activity at no cost to you for 3 months. As always Freedom Pest Control aims to provide you with the best possible control options available. If you have any questions or you would like to set up an appointment for treatment please feel free to contact us any time.