Termite Treatment Services in Massachusetts and New Hampshire

Our termite treatment plan starts with a thorough inspection, completed by one of our certified Wood Destroying Insect technicians. The technician is looking for signs of specific conditions that lend themselves to termite activity, including moisture, wood that is in contact with dirt and obvious signs like mud tubes and termite swarmer’s. This inspection combined with the customer’s input allows us to locate all termite activity and most importantly, those conditions within your home that are allowing termites to exist. Our technician will then will map out the areas that have termite activity.
After our inspection, Sentricon stations are placed around your home. Utilizing Always Active™ technology, the Recruit® HD bait is immediately available. In-ground stations have a visible service cover only opened by a special key. Termites prefer the bait nearly 10 times more than wood. Then these worker termites discover and quickly share their find within the colony. Once ingested, the active ingredient in Sentricon, prevents termites from maturing through molting. Unable to molt, termites die. And when the colony dies, the queen isn’t too far behind.
Using scientific information about termite behavior, the Sentricon® System ends the food chain needed by the queen and her colony for survival. With the proven power to wipe out future house-hungry termite generations, Sentricon gives you complete termite protection.
Imagine worry-free, 24/7 protection now and well into the future. All it takes is your original bait stations and ongoing service from a Certified Sentricon Specialist. For what it’s worth, termites prefer you opt out of this offering.
Freedom Pest Control strives to be an industry leader in new termite treatment technologies. While some companies maintain the same treatment approach year after year, Freedom Pest Control is constantly researching new state of the art treatments. We customize our treatment for your home.

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