Carpenter Ants are Interesting Insects

Spring in New England means warmer temperatures, longer days, and the return of carpenter ants! These ants typically remain dormant during the winter months and begin to become more active as the temperature increases. Carpenter ants like to nest in moist or decayed wood and do not eat wood but, instead, chew it and spit it out. They’re name comes from the fact that they are skilled carpenters and make long tunnels in the wood in which they live. Carpenter ants prefer to eat sweet foods and meat scraps which is why we often find them around dishwashers, sinks, and dog bowls.

Interesting Insects         

Even though an ant infestation can be incredibly frustrating and downright gross, carpenter ants are fascinating little insects:

They’re strong!
In fact, they can lift things that are at least seven times their own weight

They’re good at finding their way home!
These ants leave behind a chemical substance as they travel and use their antennae to find their way back home. They can also recognize their fellow ants by the chemicals on their bodies.

They bite!
Carpenter ants can bite and will inject acid into the skin, making for a very unpleasant experience.

They’re neat!
As in, clean! Carpenter ants are very hygienic and keep their nests incredibly tidy.

They have a sweet tooth!
Carpenter ants are attracted to sweet foods like honey, syrup, and jelly.

They’re big!
Carpenter ants are one of the biggest types of ants and range from one sixteenth of an inch to half of an inch long. Queens can sometimes grow even bigger.

They can live a long time!
The Queens can live up to twenty-five years. Imagine how many millions of babies that an ant with this lifespan can produce!

Nonetheless, an ant infestation can cause damage to your home if it is left untreated. Please call Freedom Pest Control at 877-PESTS-55 to schedule your free in-home evaluation!