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Bed Bug Educational Presentations
for Massachusetts & New Hampshire Business Owners

Presentations will be tailor-made including content geared specifically towards the needs of your unique staff/groups: one current item of particular concern is bed bugs. Presentations on this topic will be geared towards your employees with a specific focus on how to avoid bringing bed bugs home from work. Presentations for hotels & motels will focus on training your staff on how to spot bed bug activity before customers and most importantly, techniques for proper handling of infested material. In addition, the presentations will help customers define and implement targeted policies and procedures to ensure re-infestation does not occur when staff and customers are moving items in and out of your facility.

Some additional target groups would be overnight camps and nursing homes. These presentations would include recommended best practices on preventing your location from becoming a bed bug incubator. Nursing homes are one the best locations for bed bug growth and distribution, so provide education to your employees now, before your establishment is dealing with unhappy occupants and families. Presentations for property management professionals will focus on developing best practices for control as well as the liability and legal ramifications for failing to address bed bugs reports by tenants (inaction).

What Our Presentations Include

bed bug life cycle

Freedom Pest Control presentations can be used to provide general education on bed bugs and can be geared towards large groups including chamber of commerce meetings, housing authorities, and rental/condominium management groups.

Freedom Pest has seen a steady rise in bed bug calls and service since they began to offer the treatment in 2002. Freedom Pest Control received one call for bed bug service in 2002. In 2010, over 300 requests for some level of bed bug service were processed. This trend mirrors the national average and in 2010 the Boston market was the 9th largest market in the nation.

Tom Drapeau has attended many educational seminars on various pest control issues and most recently attended the Bed Bug Forum in Denver, Colorado. This 3-day meeting included bed bug discussions, situational analysis and laboratory pesticide testing results from noted urban entomologists from the University of Kentucky, Florida, Minnesota and Ohio.

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