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What are bed bugs?

Small, oval-shaped insects that are brownish-red in color, bed bugs are a pest that often winds up in our Massachusetts and New Hampshire homes and businesses. Bed bugs are difficult to avoid as these pests have adapted to living indoors with people as our blood is their preferred food source.

bed bugs on a bed frame


Are bed bugs dangerous?

To feed, bed bugs use their specialized mouthparts, which allow them to bite through people's skin and other warm-blooded animals. In their saliva is an anesthetic that allows bed bugs to feed without causing any pain- most people show no outward signs of being bitten by bed bugs, which is why these pests are so difficult to control!

Bed bugs are considered dangerous mainly because they are responsible for affecting people’s mental health. Discovering bed bugs in your home is unpleasant and stressful. Lack of sleep due to a bed bug infestation is common. 

People that are allergic to bed bug saliva may develop an allergic reaction, including raised red areas around the bite sites. Secondary infections can develop because of excessive itching at the bite sites. 

So while bed bugs aren’t vectors of diseases that regularly make people ill, they certainly are unwanted and unwelcome in our homes and businesses!

Why do I have a bed bug problem?

Bed bugs do not have wings, but they move very efficiently from place to place using their six legs and by hitchhiking. 

Hitchhiking on people and our belongings is their preferred method of travel. After coming into contact with bed bugs, it is easy to introduce them in your home unintentionally. Bed bugs are not a problem for people with messy homes; they are a problem for anyone! Anyone who comes into contact with bed bugs while at work, school, or traveling can introduce them into their home.

Where will I find bed bugs?

The risk of coming into contact with bed bugs increases the more time you spend in a place. Hotels, airports, hospitals, dormitories, and schools are common places people come into contact with bed bugs.

Bed bugs spend most of their day hiding; when we are sleeping, they emerge from their hideouts to feed on our blood. Their small size and excellent hide and seek skills make it easy for these pests to develop large, difficult-to-manage populations inside our homes and businesses.

Knowing where they like to hide is crucial so you can regularly inspect those areas of your home. Regular inspections will allow you to identify an infestation in its infancy and immediately get help to eliminate them.

  • The seams of mattresses and upholstered furniture

  • Headboards and footboards

  • Behind wooden trim

  • Inside of electrical outlets

  • In-wall cracks and behind baseboards

  • Within clutter and under piles of dirty laundry

How do I get rid of bed bugs?

At Freedom Pest Control, we are dedicated to our customers and eliminating pests like bed bugs from their Massachusetts or New Hampshire properties. We understand how stressful a bed bug infestation is and how quickly you want them eliminated! Our professionals will come to your property to perform a thorough inspection and complete innovative pest control services. Our follow-up services will ensure that the infestation has been completely eliminated. If you would like to learn more about our bed bug control services, give our professionals a call today! Get freedom from bed bugs with the help of Freedom Pest Control!

How can I prevent bed bugs in the future?

Keeping pests like bed bugs away from your New England property is an ongoing task. The best way to accomplish your goal is to partner with a professional and implement the following prevention tips:

  • Before bringing your luggage into a hotel room, make sure to inspect it for signs of bed bugs thoroughly.

  • When in public places, keep coats, bags, and other belongings up off the ground.

  • Regularly vacuum floors and upholstered furniture in your home. 

  • Regularly wash and dry your family’s bedding on high-heat settings.

  • Put covers over outlets to keep bed bugs from hiding within them.

  • Place bedbug-proof covers on all mattresses and box springs in your home.

  • Keep your home as organized and free of clutter as possible.

  • Take care when buying secondhand items; always inspect them for bed bugs and clean them thoroughly before bringing them inside.

Learn more about our home pest control and commercial pest control solutions.

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