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Bees, Yellow Jacket and Wasp Treatment - Freedom Pest Control - Specialists in Insect Extermination, Animal and Pest Removal and Exclusion - Topsfield, MassachusettsYellowjackets like all wasps and bees are typically beneficial to our ecosystem. Unfortunately, when they nest close to or in a structure they can become a problem for people. They can be very aggressive if you get near their nests and most often will swarm and sting you. Their diet consists of mainly insects but they are also attracted to human food especially sweets and meat. Their colonies are largest in size during the fall and the workers are often found foraging for discarded food around our trash cans or your food at lunch.

The treatment consists of treating the nest directly. The first pesticide used is a quick kill. The next is a powdered pesticide that ensures that the entire colony dies off. This process may take several days for the bee larvae in the nest to die off. The visible activity will be gone usually in 4 hours with a few stragglers in 24 to 48 hours.

This service is guaranteed until the end of the year and covers all bees and hornets for that time frame!

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