The Best Way To Get Rid Of Ants In Your Merrimac Home

May 7, 2021

We have all had to deal with it at least once in our lives. We aren’t talking about having to go to the DMV or anything like that. We are referring to dealing with ants inside our homes. These pesky insects invade one at a time or by the hundreds. There seems to be no in-between. If you are looking for some ways to get ants out of your Merrimac home, we would like to offer our help today. This is what you should know about these pests and some steps to take to eventually have an ant-free property.

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What Ants Invade Merrimac Homes?

Merrimac is home to a variety of ants. Some are destructive, others are dangerous, all are extremely annoying. To help you identify these pests around your home, here are a few species that live in our area, how to identify each, and the problems they cause.

Carpenter Ants: Carpenter ants are the largest species of ants in our area and are known for their destructive tendencies in and around homes. More specifically, these pests chew tunnels through structural wood, causing extensive damage to properties, over time. Identify a carpenter ant by its ⅝” long, red, black, or red and black body, and its large head and mandibles. 

Odorous House Ants: Odorous house ants are not dangerous or destructive but they will cause a stink around your home. When crushed, this pest releases an odor likened to rotten coconut. Identify an odorous house ant by its ⅛ to 3/16” long, dark brown to black body and unevenly shaped thorax. 

Acrobat Ants: Acrobat ants are some of the most common home-invading ants in our area. These pests will occasionally strip insulation from electrical or telephone wires, but besides this, they pose no real problems around area properties. Identify an acrobat ant by its ⅛” long, light brown to black body and heart-shaped abdomen.

Pavement Ants: Pavement ants, as their name suggests, build their homes around paved areas. If established around your home’s exterior, these pests may invade regularly, causing trouble indoors. Identify a pavement ant by its ⅛” long, dark brown to black body.

Does DIY Ant Control Work?

One question we are asked regularly is: “How do I control ants on my own?” This is a tough subject because although there are some strategies that deter and sometimes eliminate ants, they can be dangerous or ineffective. Two great examples of this are chemical-based pest control and essential oils. Chemical-based pest control products are harmful to humans and animals if used in the wrong quantities or in the wrong locations. And essential oils only deter ants for a time but eventually stop working. In short, if you want ants taken care of and do not want to waste time, money, and risk your health, you need a professional’s help. 

Who To Trust With Your Home’s Ant Problems

If your house is crawling with ants and you are looking for a way to get them out fast, look no further than Freedom Pest Control. Our team puts in great effort to make sure the treatments they use on your home will handle the pest problems you are up against. It all starts with a thorough inspection where pest pressures are identified on your property and inside your home. Once this is done, a treatment plan is put in place that will not only handle current pest threats but also keep them out in the future. 

Call us today to discuss what options might work best for you, and schedule your Merrimac home for a service visit.

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