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Help! I Have Pavement Ants On My Merrimac Property

pavement ants on fruit

Ants are small but destructive. They procreate quickly and can distribute illnesses. By learning about the prevalent pavement subspecies, you’ll discover how to block their intrusions. Otherwise… Read More

The Importance Of After Infestation Clean-Out Services In…

ants crawling on floor

Sometimes, the pest control service is only half the battle. You may need clean-up services if the infestation is particularly bad or pesticides are overused. Cleaning the mess yourself can be… Read More

Portsmouth Homeowners' Complete Guide To Effective Ant…

close up of ant

If you are faced with an ant infestation, now is the time to learn how to get rid of them and prevent them from coming back, before the colony becomes bigger and harder to control. Read More

The Secret To Getting Rid Of Mice In Your Portsmouth Home

close up of house mice

By recognizing the signs of a mouse infestation in your house, and understanding which methods to get rid of them are most effective, you can get rid of your mouse infestation quickly and effectively. Read More

Getting Carpenter Bees To Leave Your Merrimac Property Alone

carpenter bee damaging wood

Carpenter bees cause damage to Merrimac homes and properties as a result of their nesting behaviors. These large bees will burrow holes into wooden structures, causing the wood to weaken. If you have… Read More

How To Keep Wasps Away From Your Portsmouth Yard

close up of wasp on a glass

Have wasps invaded your property? Learn how to recognize them, why they can be problematic in your yard, and how to keep them away naturally with these safe wasp prevention and nest removal tips. Read More


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