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Should I Worry About Ant Control During The Winter Months In…

Ants eating a crumb of food.

Many pests in Merrimac remain or even become more common during the winter months. Ants are one species that can cause problems throughout the year. Read More

Flying Squirrels in Merrimac: Are They A Problem?

A flying squirrel in a tree.

The question is, are flying squirrels harmless, or do they cause problems when they get onto area properties? Here are some things you should know, including how problematic these pests are in… Read More

Rodent Control in Merrimac: DIY VS. Hiring A Professional

A house mouse under stone.

Homeowners across America fight back against rodents. Some use DIY strategies, others turn to a professional. To help you decide what is best for your Merrimac home, here are some pros and cons of… Read More

Frequently Asked Questions About The Mice In Merrimac

A mouse eating a biscuit.

Have you ever wondered about mice? Most homeowners have. These pest rodents are extremely invasive and are known for causing serious problems both inside and around homes. To help you better… Read More

The Real Problem That Skunks Bring To Your Merrimac Property

A skunk crawling in the grass.

Skunks aren’t rodents, but they can still be dangerous to have around your Merrimac property. Learn about the risks skunks pose and how to prevent them. Read More

How To Keep Overwintering Pests From Invading My Merrimac…

up close front view image of a cockroach on a pipe in a basement

Your Merrimac home could have some unwelcome and even dangerous guests this winter. And, unfortunately, you probably aren’t ready for those visitors. Every winter, pests make their way into Merrimac… Read More


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