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What To Do About Smelly Skunks Living On Your Merrimac…

Having a hard time deciding whether or not skunks are on your property? We have a few tricks to help you figure it out. Read More

Struggling To Keep Pests In Merrimac Outside Where They…

street view of a home in merrimac massachusetts

Wondering what to do about pests in your Merrimac home? Freedom Pest Control offers highly effective control services to keep your home pest-free for good. Read More

Are You Having Issues With Flying Squirrels On Your Merrimac…

a flying squirrel on a tree

Flying squirrels are fascinating creatures, but they can cause problems on Merrimac properties. Learn more about these critters today. Read More

How To Get The Merrimac Mice Out Of Your Home

a mouse crawling inside a home

Think your home may have mice? Look for these signs and learn how to get them out quickly. Read More

Everything You Need To Know About Spiders In The Portsmouth…

spider in living room

What do you need to know about the spiders in Portsmouth? Here is what experts suggest you learn and what they recommend to combat these pests. Read More

The Struggle With Termite Control In Portsmouth

termite swarmers in water

There has never been a good time to have to deal with termites. Here is what an active infestation of these pests looks like in Portsmouth and how to control these bugs indoors. Read More


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