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How Dangerous Are Bats On My Merrimac Property?

bat on a stone floor

They have long been considered creepy creatures based on their depiction in books, films, and other sources of entertainment. Read More

How To Get Rid Of Pavement Ants In Merrimac

big headed ant on fruit

Many estimates suggest that ants exist in more than 10,000 different species throughout the world, and vary in size and color. These insects are characterized by having six legs, antennae, and a rigid… Read More

What To Do About Yellow Jackets On Your Merrimac Property

hornet on fruit

Wasps are often predatory, but also consume nectar and tend to live either solitarily or socially. Read More

Why Can't I Get These Mice Out Of My Merrimac, MA Home?

a house mouse crawling on a piece of wood

There aren’t very many insects and creatures that could be called innocent. One reason is that the vast majority could destroy your personal effects or your Merrimac, MA home. Additionally, they may… Read More

How To Get Rid Of Woodchucks On Your Merrimac, MA Property

a woodchuck standing up on a lawn

When people make preparations for pest management, they tend to focus on insects. This is understandable, considering that they can be very destructive and transmit diseases. However, animals can be… Read More

A Complete Guide To Bald-Faced Hornet Control In Merrimac…

a bald faced hornet chewing on a piece of wood

One of the things that people look for when purchasing a home or business center in Merrimac, MA is a wide yard. With a vast stretch of land are many possibilities. You could host large family… Read More


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