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What To Do If I Find A Yellow Jacket Nest Outside My…

yellow jackets eating

Are you concerned with yellow jackets nesting on your property and the potential threats to you and your family? Time to get up to speed about these aggressive stinging insects and what pest control… Read More

How To Be Sure You Aren't Attracting Rodents In Merrimac

mouse at night

Have rodents gotten too comfortable residing in your Merrimac home? Time to get up to speed on rodents and how pest control can eliminate them from your residence. Read More

Answering Portsmouth's Most Commonly Asked Questions About…

mice in pantry

Have mice infiltrated your home and developed an infestation? Consult with a licensed pest controller that will effectively oust these pests and implement preventative measures. Read More

Eek! There Are Tons Of Spiders Inside My Portsmouth Home

house spider crawling on the floor

Are you noticing the presence of spiders in your home? Speak with a professional pest control company that will assist you with ousting spiders and preventing them from returning.  Read More

Help! I Can Hear Squirrels Inside My Portsmouth Attic

squirrel eating some nuts

Are you struggling with squirrels or other rodents? Today’s licensed pest control professionals have many of the latest treatment options for quickly eradicating these concerns.  Read More

Portsmouth's Complete Guide To Bed Bug Control

bed bug on white background

Do you suspect that your home has a bed bug infestation? Promptly consult with a local pest control company to safely and effectively eliminate these pests. Read More


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