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Deterring Spiders In Portsmouth Is Hard To Do

wolf spider in living room

Spider prevention in your Portsmouth home or business can be an arduous task. Read further to learn about the common spiders you might encounter in your home and some simple tips that help deter them… Read More

Mice In Merrimac Can Be A Huge Pain

mouse crawling on plant pot

Is having mice in my Merrimac home dangerous for my family? Knowing the signs of an infestation and ways to prevent them can be extremely beneficial. Read on to learn more about mice and the best… Read More

Are Bald-Faced Hornets Taking Over Your Portsmouth Yard?

a bald faced hornet crawling on wood

Bald-faced hornets are a real problem here in Portsmouth. Learn what they look like and how to detect if you have bald-faced hornet nests on your property. Read further to get some tips on how to… Read More

What To Do If You Spot Woodchucks On Your Merrimac Property

a woodchuck hiding in bushes

Woodchucks don't chuck wood, but they sure do chew it. They also burrow, create tunnels, and can wreak havoc in your lawn and garden. Read More

What To Do About Skunks Invading Your Portsmouth Yard

skunk on lawn

You don’t want skunks invading your Portsmouth yard, and you definitely don’t want to surprise one. Learn where skunks hide and what you should do if one sprays you. Read on to learn about skunks… Read More

Do You Need Help Dealing with Hornets in Merrimac?

hornet on nest

Do you know how to identify hornets from other types of stinging insects? There are two types of hornets in Merrimac. Find out how to keep them off of your property.   Read More


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