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How To Keep Overwintering Pests From Invading My…

up close front view image of a cockroach on a pipe in a basement

Your Merrimac home could have some unwelcome and even dangerous guests this winter. And, unfortunately, you probably aren’t ready for those visitors. Every winter, pests make their way into Merrimac… Read More

The Secret To Effective Brown Bat Control In Merrimac,…

bats hanging in a tree

The little brown bat is one of the most common bats found in North America, and we’re no exception here in Merrimac. Little brown bats – or just brown bats – are a familiar sight here throughout… Read More

The Trick To Keeping Skunks Away From Your Merrimac…

a skunk in a merrimack yard

A skunk’s smell is known across the world for its pungency and unpleasantness. You may have smelled this pest’s stench on your property before.  In fact, that might be why you are here today. If… Read More

Merrimac's Complete Guide To Subterranean Termite…

termite activity in a merrimack home

Here in Merrimac, subterranean termites are a big problem. These pests regularly invade area properties and cause extensive damage to wooden structures. If you don’t want these pests to consume your… Read More

How Bad Are Carpenter Bees In Merrimac?

carpenter bee damaging wood in merrimack yard

One type of bee you should be concerned to see around your yard is the carpenter bee. These plump pests not only sting but can cause extensive damage to wooden structures. Learn what you need to know… Read More

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Ants In Your Merrimac Home

ants on a merrimac massachusettes cupcake

We have all had to deal with it at least once in our lives. These pesky insects invade one at a time or by the hundreds. There seems to be no in-between. If you are looking for some ways to get ants… Read More

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