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The Importance Of After Infestation Clean-Out Services…

ants crawling on floor

Sometimes, the pest control service is only half the battle. You may need clean-up services if the infestation is particularly bad or pesticides are overused. Cleaning the mess yourself can be… Read More

The Best Way To Keep Your Portsmouth Business Pest-Free

open office buildings

Did you know that a pest infestation could send your business under? Don’t waste any time between negative reviews and potential damage repairs. Learn how to get ahead of it all by clicking here. Read More

Why You Don't Want Squirrels Hanging Around Your…

squirrel in flowerbed

Squirrels may have chubby cheeks and bushy tails, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t dangerous. Here’s what you should know about the dangers associated with squirrels, how you can prevent or… Read More

How Bad Are Carpenter Bees In Merrimac?

carpenter bee damaging wood in merrimack yard

One type of bee you should be concerned to see around your yard is the carpenter bee. These plump pests not only sting but can cause extensive damage to wooden structures. Learn what you need to know… Read More


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