The experience of other countries, where online sales of Modafinil were legalized a long time ago, says that the potential of this market is still tremendous. The share of the online drug trade in pharmaceutical retail in China is 17%, in Germany – 14%, in the US and Great Britain – 11-12%. Despite quite a low percentage, online pharmacies are becoming more and more popular among users.

Preferred Pharmacy Solutions [Rating: 4.3]
35 Avco Rd, Haverhill, MA 01835, United States | (978) 374-9100 |

I had a terrible experience with Preferred Pharmacy Solutions pharmacist. He was insulting and did not give me any information regarding my prescription. He did not thank me or see if I had any questions. He handed me my receipt then walked away without a word. It was such a rude encounter that the woman behind me in line was just as shocked as I was. I’ll be refilling my prescriptions elsewhere from now on.

Best Pharmacy EVER!! We have been using this pharmacy since it first opened years ago when it was the only place to get compounded prescriptions. Tim and his staff have always been helpful, competent, knowledgeable, professional, and totally reliable. I would highly recommend them.

Freedom Fertility Pharmacy [Rating: 5.0]
12 Kent Way # 120, Newbury, MA 01922, United States | (978) 499-1432 |

My pharmacy was closed this evening, I called Freedom Fertility Pharmacy, asked if they could fill my prescription, and with no hesitation, the girl was so nice and polite to me and said yes, we would fill your prescription this evening with no problem! Thank You so much!

I have been using Viaqx for a year and a half now, and I love it. I have several medications that I have to keep track of, but since I started using Via, they have taken that stress off of me because they do it for me. They have a professional and friendly staff, and they are very prompt in filling my prescriptions. They are AWESOME!!! Thank you all so very much!!

Rowley Pharmacy, Inc. [Rating: 5.0]
169 Main St, Rowley, MA 01969, United States | (978) 948-2208 |

The patient care advocates ALWAYS make refills easy with a very quick turnaround. This pharmacy provides the best customer service I’ve ever encountered. Our refills always arrive quicker than I expect with live tracking to not miss a temperature-controlled delivery. The customer service advocates are readily available with solutions for any issue. We will never go anywhere else but here!

I’ve had two rapid covid tests at Rowley Pharmacy, Inc., and, despite the reason for it, I’m glad I could find an independently owned pharmacy in NY. Great staff and a lovely store that has everything you could need.

Hannaford Pharmacy [Rating: 3.2]
305 Sandown Rd, East Hampstead, NH 03826, United States | (603) 329-0187 |

To whoever comes into Hannaford Pharmacy, you made the right choice !!!!! They are the nicest people to deal with. I would highly recommend this place for all your pharmacy and small boutique shop needs. If I could, I would give them 10 stars. Please give them your business; you deserve to deal with the best family, especially with everything going on in the world. So understanding, kind, and they genuinely care for each and every one of their customers.

This is a rating for the pharmacy. I have to take a specific natural thyroid. Because I had changed my Medicare policy and Xpress as a partner pharmacy, I would Supposedly save on the cost Of my prescriptions. I picked up my first script for several hundred dollars. When I got home, I discovered it had a different name. I questioned the pharmacist, and I was told that that was the preferred company and that it was the same natural thyroid medicine. So I took it, and it made me very sick, and as I did some research found out that they are different compositions and thyroid medication. So I was out several hundred dollars. It took a long discussion to get them to realize I had to have a specific type of thyroid. One would think that they would have a computer system that has this in there (like for allergies), but every time my doctor calls to change the dosage, I go through all the hassle of having them put the wrong medicines back and getting the correct medicine. I have finally given up, and I’m moving back to Wegmans. Even if I have to pay more, they are listening, are intelligent, caring, and always get it right.