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Professional Pest Control For Epping, NH Properties

Situated just off of New Hampshire’s scenic coast, the small town of Epping is quaint, rural New England at its best. Home to big chains and small businesses alike, the town is also sprinkled with parks and outdoor spaces in order to truly experience all that it has to offer. Like most of New Hampshire, this town experiences four key seasons: a chilly, snow-filled winter, a warm and humid summer, and a moderate fall and spring. These conditions are ideal for most people, while also being attractive to many common area pests like termites, ticks, and wildlife. 

Freedom Pest Control is dedicated to solving all of your pest problems with proven technology and Integrated Pest Management methods, whether you’re a homeowner or a business. It’s our mission to provide you with friendly, professional services as well as results you can count on. Contact us today for more information about keeping your property pest-free!

Home Pest Control In Epping, NH

At Freedom Pest Control, we believe that every home in Epping should be free from pests, and we’re dedicated to ensuring that this is a reality. With a focus on continuous education and staying up-to-date on the latest pest control technologies, we’re able to provide our residential clients with the highest quality pest control around. From your initial inspection through regularly scheduled maintenance, we will keep your home safe and we’ll wow you in the process. Our team of highly trained technicians have the experience and the tools necessary to take care of any issue that you might face, and with our Integrated Pest Control protocols, we’re able to create long-lasting results that are both safe and effective. For more information on keeping your home free from pests like mosquitoes, rodents, ants, bed bugs, wildlife, and more, contact Freedom Pest Control today. 


Ant Prevention And Control Tips From Epping Exterminators

sidewalk covered with ants

Ants are America’s most common nuisance pest, which means that while they may be unsightly and unwanted, many species are actually not harmful to your health. That said, they still have no place in your Epping property. Here are a few tips worth trying out in order to prevent ants:

  • Always store trash and food securely. Ants desire your food and failing to store it properly sends a big signal to ants that you’re open for business. Always use airtight containers and garbage bins with a secure lid.

  • Seal up your home. Use caulk and other sealants to keep ants on the outside. Be sure to fill every crack, crevice, or hole that you see. Also try weather stripping and door sweeps for the harder to reach but very important areas.

  • Address pockets of excess moisture. While ants may primarily be looking for your food, they also flock to areas of excess moisture, so aim to rectify things like leaky faucets, pipes, toilets, shower heads, and bathtubs.

When it comes to ants, it’s hard to prevent them because so much of the way we live our daily lives is attractive to them. For all of your ant protection needs, contact the professionals at Freedom Pest Control today and keep this nuisance out of your home for good with our ant control.

Six Myths About Termites In Epping You Probably Still Believe

close up of termite on wood

When it comes to termites, there are a lot of myths about them and the damage they cause that are still floating around. Here are six myths that you’ve probably heard in Epping, but are untrue:

  1. Termites don’t cost that much to rectify.

  2. They don't eat wood day in and day out.

  3. I’ll notice the damage if I have them.

  4. Once they get what they want, they move on.

  5. Preventing termites is easy.

  6. I can handle termites on my own.

When dealing with termites, either preventively or in a situation where you have to eradicate an active colony and fix the damage, the safest, most effective thing to do is to call a team of professionals, like those at Freedom Pest Control. Contact us today for more information about keeping your property free from termites. 

Commercial Pest Control In Epping, NH

When pest problems happen to businesses, they cost you in lost business, put your people’s health at risk, and risk your reputation. That’s why Freedom Pest Control is here. It’s our mission to keep Epping businesses free from pests all year long, no matter the industry or pest. With our dedication to always staying up-to-date on the latest pest control technologies and services, as well using products that have been proven safe and effective, we’re able to make this a reality. We utilize Integrated Pest Management methods in order to create sustainable results in a low-impact, minimally invasive way, which truly is the gold standard of pest control. Whether you’re a restaurant, warehouse, office building, or medical facility, we can work with you to ensure your property is free of pests all year long. Contact us today for more information on how you can keep pests away from your business. 


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