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Professional Pest Control For Ipswich, MA Properties

Known for its world-famous clams and picturesque historic storefronts, Ipswich is a bustling tourism hotspot in Massachusetts. With our coastal climate and travelers coming from all over the world, our area also has a high risk of pest activity. That’s why the important thing to do is keep up on pest control early before an infestation has a chance to grow into a larger problem. At Freedom Pest Control, we can help, no matter what kind of property you own or what kinds of pests are a concern.

Home Pest Control In Ipswich, MA

Pests can bring disease and damage to your property, which is why no one wants an infestation in their home. From tiny insects like ants to mammals like rodents, there are all kinds of common pests that might try to gain access to your interior for the food and shelter inside. Smart homeowners turn to pest control experts before these populations can grow out of control. At Freedom Pest Control, here’s how we can help:

  • Inspections: You can’t know all the ways pests get in or all the factors that attract them until you check. But trained experts make short work of a thorough inspection of your home, which is the first step to coming up with a comprehensive control plan.
  • Targeted Treatments: Whatever we find during our inspection will inform our services. Whatever pests or factors are identified, will be addressed directly.
  • Gold Plan: Our affordable Gold Plan provides year-round protection from every common area pest. That’s protection that can’t be beaten.

Six Solutions To Mice Problems In Ipswich, MA

house mouse

Mice are one of those pests that always seem to sneak up on property owners. One day you think you’re pest-free and the next, you’ve noticed signs of mice activity. These rodents are good at hiding, which is why people have to take steps to prevent an infestation before they notice them. Here are the best ways to do this:

  1. Food Storage: Mice can chew through most food packaging with their strong teeth, so it’s smart to store food in sturdier, reusable containers. You also should generally take care not to leave food out.
  2. Trash Storage: Rodents can also chew through trash bags or access open lids to get food scraps from your trash. Make sure your garbage is well-secured both indoors and outside.
  3. Declutter: Mice can turn clutter in a nest, so clearing out your storage areas and clearing away debris can go a long way.
  4. Landscaping: Pest problems tend to start outdoors, even mice. They look for nesting grounds nearby until they find ways inside, so keeping your lawn from becoming overgrown will help combat this.
  5. Inspections: To ensure none of these factors are getting away from you, routine inspections by trained experts can help with overall pest control.
  6. Treatments: If you do have a mouse infestation, turn to Freedom Pest Control right away for prompt service.

What Is The Best Way To Keep Pest Wildlife Away From Ipswich Properties?

ground squirrel

People spend so much time thinking about the pests that directly invade properties that they forget about the ones that can do plenty of damage just wandering around outside. Wildlife pests include things like squirrels and raccoons to even larger creatures like deer. All of them pose serious problems to properties, from property damage to diseases or even carrying parasites like ticks into your yard. In fact, wildlife activity is often the first step in a cycle of increased pest activity on properties. Increased activity generally leads to direct infestations, where pests that began in the yard find ways to invade homes and businesses.

That’s why smart property owners enlist the help of experts long before this cycle of pest activity and destruction can kick in. At Freedom Pest Control, we can help protect your yard from all kinds of wildlife, which ensures that larger issues don’t come down the road. Don’t wait to start on proper pest control for your property, turn to Freedom Pest today.

Commercial Pest Control In Ipswich, MA

Not only can Freedom Pest Control assist with residential pest control, but we also specialize in helping businesses avoid and eliminate infestations. Pest control is a more important part of keeping a healthy business than people realize. We offer targeted and comprehensive services to address whatever level of pest risk you have. With an Integrated Pest Management system that accounts for many different ways of targeting pest issues, we can help the following kinds of businesses:

  • Restaurants: Foodservice industries are prime targets for pests, which love to scrounge up food. Of course, pest outbreaks at restaurants can be costly and damaging to a business's reputation, so prompt and professional pest control is crucial.
  • Hotels: Hospitality locations are often targets for bed bugs and other pests that like all the linens and furniture around. Of course, hotels usually have dining facilities, too, making them just another property where pests can find everything they need to survive.
  • Offices: People don’t often think about how offices have factors that attract pests, too, like storage areas to hide in and even food brought in by employees. We help office spaces address pest problems and prevent them, too.

We also assist properties that fall outside and around these industries -- like storage warehouses and schools or universities. So, no matter what kind of commercial property you own or manage, contact Freedom Pest Control to learn how we can protect you from pests.


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