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Professional Pest Control For North Andover Home & Business Owners

Few cities can have a perfect blend of history, geography, and entertainment, but the town of North Andover, MA, may be one of them. Almost 30,000 people settle around the town’s borders, surrounded by the Merrimack River and Lake Cochichewick. This town boasts the motto “A Town For All Seasons,” which everyone agrees is the perfect descriptor of life in this town.

Unfortunately, this "Town For All Seasons" is quite an attractive area for pests of all seasons. With a rapidly growing population from which to feed, insects, rodents, and occasional invaders are a constant threat to home and business owners.

No one in North Andover should ever feel trapped by their pest problems. Freedom Pest Control has everything you need and more to remove pests before they become too serious. Learn more by contacting us online today.

Home Pest Control In North Andover, MA

Pest infestations in North Andover homes are both embarrassing and extremely overwhelming. Navigating the prevention, identification, and elimination process is often confusing for most homeowners, as well as time-consuming. When all is said and done, this process is thoroughly exhausting for human victims.

At Freedom Pest Control, we have spent the last few years of our operation developing the best possible residential pest control plan. In our Freedom Pest Control Gold Plan, we provide protection from:

  • Ants 

  • Carpenter bees 

  • Honeybees 

  • Mice 

  • Spiders 

  • Silverfish 

Determine the amount of pest control that is right for you. Complete the online contact form to get in touch with a Freedom Pest Control agent about our home pest control solutions in North Andover, MA.


The Benefits Of Professional Mouse Control For North Andover Businesses

a mouse chewing wires

We hear quite a bit about how rodents affect residential homes, but little about their impact on commercial environments. Businesses can be much more severely impacted by the presence of rodents inside their buildings, particularly mice. Mice are small, clever, and very fast, able to fit through entry points as small as a quarter. While they are certainly not as large as their rat cousins, the effects they leave on the business can be felt all over the property.

The dangers associated with mice inside North Andover businesses are many. That is one of the reasons why many local business owners recognize the importance of professional mouse control for their property. Here are some of the benefits associated with investing in expert assistance: 

  • Quicker means of mouse capture and elimination. 

  • Safe, discreet, and customer-friendly treatment options. 

  • Exclusion efforts to keep pests out for longer periods of time.

Rodent treatment from Freedom Pest Control works to eliminate and prevent mice from ever returning to your North Andover business. Our crew relies on a combination of cultural controls and professional-strength products to get the job done right.

For more information related to professional mouse control, call the team at Freedom Pest Control now.

What Dangers Do Termites Bring To Properties In North Andover?

a termite in a hole

Not everyone in Massachusetts realizes that termite problems are a big deal in our area. In fact, many people assume that the pests cannot survive the harsh winters, and will simply die in cold weather. However, this is not the case. Termites are surprisingly temperature tolerant pests, and can survive many kinds of natural disasters. Flooding, fires, extreme heat, or deep freezes do little to slow down the encroachment of these pests.

What does this mean for North Andover residents? In a word, danger. Termites can infest residential homes or commercial properties at any time. Thanks to their inability to sleep, rest, or nap, the pests can successfully destroy the wood in your home within a matter of months. If termites are not caught quickly, they can cause the following dangers:

  • Collapsed structures 

  • Failed health inspections 

  • Lowered home equity 

  • Dangers associated with over-the-counter products 

The only way to avoid getting termite infestations around your property is to actively look for ways to keep them out. This means that home and business owners in North Andover should invest in high-quality and professional termite control programs from a professional pest control company such as Freedom Pest Control.

Do your part to protect your home, family, and loved ones. Reach out to the team at Freedom Pest Control to receive termite treatments or prevention solutions in North Andover as soon as possible.

Commercial Pest Control In North Andover, MA

You want your business to have the best chance to succeed. Providing the right products, people, services, and procedures at various parts of its development will ensure everything is running as it should. Unfortunately, the presence of pests or pest activity can change your trajectory for the worse. With so much at stake, it simply isn’t wise to leave it all up to chance. 

Freedom Pest Control offers uniquely customized plans to each of our North Andover clients. We serve industries all across the map: 

  • Restaurants 

  • Retail 

  • Childcare 

  • Education 

  • Government 

  • Healthcare

Reach out to learn more about our quality commercial pest control in North Andover.


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