Most of the time, animals stay outside where they belong. They may come into your yard and scamper around a bit, but they present few issues. Unfortunately, certain conditions can invite wildlife to take up residence inside your home, which will have you running to the internet to search, "Wildlife removal near me." Perhaps that's what you did to find this article. If so, we have some good news for you: We are wildlife pest control experts and we have more than a few tips that can help you with nuisance wildlife. Today, we're going to share a general overview of wildlife management. Let's take a look at what animals might present a problem, the dangers they present, and look at wildlife removal in Merrimac.   

skunk on grass
squirrel in tree

Types Of Problematic Wildlife In Merrimac

When considering wildlife management, you need to consider the animals that can become pests. Each has its own unique challenges. 

  • Skunks, raccoons or opossums may seek refuge under an exterior structure, like a deck or porch.

  • Squirrels may get into attic spaces by way of your roofline or soffits.

  • Bats or birds could find a small opening to exploit and get inside your wall voids.

  • Chipmunks rarely get inside, but given incentive, they could invade your basement.

  • Snakes get underneath objects in your yard and may find their way into your basement or first floor.

  • Woodchucks are yard pests that typically damage plants and lawns. They don't get inside man-made structures. 

The Dangers Wildlife Bring To Merrimac Properties

An important reason to invest in professional wildlife trapping is that animals can present a health threat and a risk to your property.

  • All wildlife leave excrement in the places they infest. This can create conditions for health issues.

  • Wildlife carry parasites such as ticks and fleas which are able to transmit diseases to humans.

  • If cornered, some animals will attack and bite. Certain animals are a risk for the transmission of rabies.

  • Animals can be destructive to property as they enter and exit.  

Practical Wildlife Prevention Tips For Merrimac Properties 

Is there anything you can do before you contact a professional to handle wildlife trapping? There are many things you can do to prevent wildlife problems, but once they've gotten in, the best choice is to contact a wildlife expert. We say this in light of the many ways wildlife can present a risk to health and property. If an animal hasn't presented a problem for you yet, there are many things you can do to avoid a wildlife pest control problem.  

  • Keep all trash in covered and secured containers.

  • Trim branches away from your roofline.

  • Pick nuts and fruits up in your yard.

  • Remove bird feeders, or put them 20 feet from your exterior.

  • Use fencing material to seal voids underneath structures, such as decks, porches, patios, and sheds. When you install the fencing material, be sure to install it at least a foot into the ground. This prevents wildlife from burrowing underneath.

  • Protect any openings in your exterior. A strong screen material can get this job done. You may also use a caulking gun to fill in holes and gaps.

The Key To Effective Wildlife Control In Merrimac

If you live in Merrimac and you'd like a wildlife expert to handle your problem, we can help. When you type: "Wildlife removal near me," into an internet search, you're going to get a lot of results. It is difficult to know who to go with. Here are a few reasons why Freedom Pest Control is the right choice for wildlife removal in Merrimac.

  • We use clever devices that allow animals to come out of your home but stop them from getting back inside.

  • We use natural wildlife management methods, such as filling in nests with rocks and soil or applying materials to naturally exclude wildlife pests from getting into places they shouldn't.

  • We use advanced bird control products to prevent roosting and to deter birds from wanting to be on your property.

  • We evaluate your property and help you to understand the conducive conditions that are inviting wildlife problems. When these are addressed, you can have long-lasting wildlife control and prevent future infestations.

  • We know the wildlife pests you're dealing with. Our service team has extensive experience, and you'll always get the right control solutions and humane trapping and removal.

In Merrimac, we are the wildlife experts. When wildlife becomes a problem for you on your property or inside your home, reach out to Freedom Pest Control. We'll guide you in finding the right solutions to mitigate the threat and provide your property with long-lasting resistance to future wildlife pressures. Connect with us today for immediate service or for answers to your Merrimac wildlife questions. We're here to help with all of your pest concerns.


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