Mouse Droppings in Your Home

Most home owners will try to remove mice from their homes with conventional snap traps or bait stations they buy at a local hardware store. Usually this will not be successful and mice populations will continue to grow. Their feces and urine was also continue to build up in areas like the attic and basement insulation. These areas and other areas like your kitchen and pantry draws will have evidence of droppings and urine. All the droppings should be removed and the area disinfected. Read more about how we treat your home for mice.

Animal Droppings in Garages and Attics

If you are hearing scratching in your attic chances are that animal is making a mess of your insulation, balling it into a nest, leaving behind droppings and urine. This will eventually cause a foul odor or even creating possible health risks. A wide variety of animals would love to live in your attic including bats (Highest droppings per creature), grey squirrels, raccoons and flying squirrels. Each animal has a different pattern of droppings. Flying squirrels and raccoons use one area as a toilet and others like bats always have droppings under where they are roosting. Grey squirrels ball up insulation for a nesting area. These different patterns leave the insulation soaked in urine and destroy the ability of the insulation to do its job.

Freedom Pest Control will trap and remove the animals from your attic, close in the entrance and then remove the effected insulation, animal droppings and urine. Then we will disinfect and replace the insulation with high R-Value blown-in insulation.

Animal Dropping Hazards

After the animal(s) have been removed from your home there is still a danger present in the droppings. Raccoon droppings can have the eggs of raccoon roundworm which can cause the loss of muscle control, fatigue, liver complications or blindness if ingested. Other infectious organisms can also be present like giardia or leptospirosis.

Other pest issues can exist also like fleas, bat bugs which look exactly like bed bugs, and ticks.

These issues can pose a significant danger to your family. Always contact a pest management professional that has experience in this line of work. Proper methods are required to protect your family from animal wastes and pests.