Seeing a tiny roach disappear underneath a kitchen cabinet is more than a bit disturbing. Wouldn't you agree? Those insects are sneaky and secretive. They're also dirty. So, what should you do if you find a cockroach in your house? How bad is it really? It kinda depends on the species. Some roaches are dirtier than others. If you're seeing roaches running around in the daylight, those are wood roaches. While not entirely clean, they're not nearly as filthy as other roaches. The worst of all cockroaches (in terms of poor hygiene) are Oriental cockroaches. You definitely want to get rid of those roaches quickly. The good news is that you can. Oriental cockroaches are the easiest to control because they require damp conditions and unsanitary breeding sites, both of which are not likely to be inside your home. Today, we're going to look at cockroaches in a way you may have never thought to look at them. We'll discuss what attracts them and how altering conditions in and around your home can drive roaches away. We'll also look at the pitfalls of using cockroach control products to deal with the cockroaches in and around your home. At any time, feel free to jump to our contact page to request cockroach pest control in Merrimac. There is no easier way to deal with a roach problem.

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What Attracts Roaches To Your Home?

While cockroaches are mysterious pests inside your home, they're not all that mysterious around the outside of your home. You can expect to find them in humid, damp, and unsanitary places. When you address these conditions, you reduce cockroach activity. Combined with exclusion work, all-natural cockroach control can get the job done.

  • Cockroaches are drawn to your garbage. They often breed in trash receptacles. They're also drawn to the scent of trash. Cleaning your receptacles to remove odors can impact roach activity.
  • Cockroaches love fertilizer. We understand the need to fertilize, but you should know that fertilizer can bring roaches onto your property. Only give your lawn and plants what they need, and take measures to monitor for cockroach activity during times of fertilization. Put some sticky traps down.
  • Cockroaches get underneath leaf litter. Rake leaves and blow the leaves out of your landscaping to deter roach activity. 
  • Cockroaches hide in vegetation. Remove unnecessary vegetation such as weeds and unwanted grass.
  • Cockroaches slide underneath objects that protect them from the drying effects of the sun. They're also drawn to these places because they like to squeeze into tight spaces. Remove any objects that are stored near or against your exterior walls. 
  • Clean your gutters to reduce perimeter dampness. It is amazing how a clogged or broken gutter can invite a roach problem.

Once you've taken steps to address the troublespots, turn your attention to exclusions. Cans of expanding foam and a caulking gun can seal up the potential entry points roaches will use to get into your home.  

Ten Ways To Exterminate Cockroaches In Your Home

Cockroaches are strong insects. It isn't easy to exterminate them, nor is extermination the best solution for homeowners. When you destroy a cockroach, you aren't attacking the source of your problem, only the symptom. When professionals exterminate cockroaches, they consider the entire structure. They don't just spot treat the roaches in your home. Here are ten ways to wipe out cockroaches from ineffective to completely effective.

  1. Over-the-counter roach control products. Cockroaches are mostly resistant to these products, but you might destroy one with a can of this stuff. Unfortunately, you're more likely to make yourself sick than exterminate a roach.
  2. Roach bait. Many products can knock down the roaches in your home. Bait is effective when used as part of a multi-pronged control strategy. Unfortunately, most people don't apply bait correctly. Professionals use field-tested methods to evaluate the effectiveness of baits because they know some roaches have bait aversion and all roaches have bait preferences.
  3. Glueboards. These (or sticky traps) can help you capture cockroaches. Once you do, it isn't hard to exterminate the roaches you've caught. It is as easy as throwing the glueboards into a fire or disposing of them in your trash.
  4. Step on one. We don't recommend doing this because you can get roach eggs on your shoe and spread them around your home, but you can get rid of a cockroach this way.
  5. German cockroach cleanout. These are the worst cockroaches in terms of how difficult they are to control. When a pest control service provider deals with a German cockroach infestation, they throw a mixture of materials at them to ensure no roaches remain active.
  6. Address water sources and humidity. Cockroaches need moisture to survive. If you fix leaking faucets and other plumbing issues and install dehumidifiers, you could have roaches dropping like flies. 
  7. Borates. You may learn that borax powder can stop a cockroach infestation. In some cases, it can. The problem with using powders is that cockroaches don't like to crawl on powder. Why? Because they are continually gripping to surfaces, even the floor. Roaches are top-heavy insects. That is why you find dead roaches lying on their backs.
  8. Residuals. These are products that apply a coating of material that lasts long enough for roaches to come in contact with it. The products that work best are the ones cockroaches can't detect. When they can't detect the materials, they can't avoid them.
  9. Fumigation. Tenting a structure and applying fumigants is the most effective way to exterminate roaches in all the places they hide. Unfortunately, it isn't cheap to tent a structure.
  10. Professional pest control. There is no better way to exterminate the cockroaches in your home. When you have a licensed pest management professional inspect your home, evaluate your infestation, and apply a tested strategy to get rid of the roaches, no roaches will remain after treatments.        

These are far from the only ways to exterminate cockroaches, but they provide a spectrum of options. In all cases, cockroach control is not about the products used. It takes know-how to get rid of roaches. What we see far too often is that people go after roaches with products that work, but still fail to stop their roach infestations.

What Doesn't Work When Trying To Get Rid Of Roaches

When you detect signs of a cockroach infestation, you may try some of the control methods listed above, or something else we didn't list. Let's quickly recap what doesn't work to remove roaches from your home.

  • Targeted control products only attack the symptom and are not a solution on their own.
  • Bait works but some roaches are averse to certain baits or will ignore a bait they don't prefer.
  • Natural products such as borates and diatomaceous earth can have an impact on roaches but roaches don't prefer to crawl on powder.
  • Products that roaches can detect are not nearly as effective as products they can't detect. Cockroaches have an incredible knack for avoiding treated areas.
  • The worst of all cockroach solutions is home remedies. There are many suggestions from well meaning folks on the internet that don't do anything to control cockroaches, such as the use of vinegar and water. Vinegar and water applied to surfaces in your home will do nothing to stop roaches. You have to apply the concoction directly to cockroaches. Vinegar acts as a desiccant. But there is no chance you can apply your home brew to every roach in your house. They hide in tight spaces and dark voids that are impossible to access.
  • Any control strategy that doesn't include exclusion work is likely to fall short. You have to stop additional cockroaches from getting inside your home. If you don't, you'll be exterminating them indefinitely.

If you attempt to control roaches and fall short of your goals, it will allow them to continue to make you sick and damage your property. While there are many ways you can work to stop them, it helps to have professional assistance.  

Professional Cockroach Control Can Be A Huge Help

Service technicians leverage their experience and training to solve cockroach problems. The products they use are known to work and are applied according to well-established protocols. Most of all, they use more than one product and method. Effective cockroach control requires a multi-pronged strategy.

Freedom Pest Control applies the methodology of advanced Integrated Pest Management, which is considered the gold standard of pest control. We use science to consider the biology and behavior patterns of pest cockroaches and apply treatments that roaches can't avoid. Whether you need a one-time solution for a cockroach infestation or ongoing cockroach prevention around your Merrimac home or business, we can help. Reach out to us today and tell us about your roach problem. We can guide you over the phone, by e-mail, or send a service technician to you. In all cases, we'll help you find the right solution. When roaches are driving you crazy, Freedom Pest Control can help you get your sanity back.


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