Humane Skunk Removal

If you have a problem with skunks you will most likely not find them amusing, however, skunks can be interesting to watch, their behavior much like that of a kitten. Occasionally you may notice them digging bugs out of your lawn or garden, leaving behind the tell-tale divots.

A couple of things to know about skunks:

  1. Skunks become sexually mature at around nine months old and will produce a litter by the time they are one year old. Mating season begins in February and goes through March.
  2. More skunks get hit and killed on the roads during this time of year than any other. You may notice two skunks close together on the roads because of a mating chase that ends abruptly.
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But if you have skunks the most important thing you want to know is how to get rid of them. The first step in removing the skunks is to locate the foraging or den area. Using the customer provided information we determine the best placement to trap the skunk or skunks. Once the skunks have been trapped and removed and our technician is sure no other skunks are foraging or in the original den, we will close in the opening with rocks and or dirt if possible. This will stop anything else from setting up a home. If another skunk does appear, notify us immediately and we will begin the trapping process again.

The skunk removal plan offered by Freedom Pest Control is guaranteed for 6 months.

If any other skunk gets in we will return and remove it at no cost. If there is any carpentry repair that needs to be done it should be done during this 6 month period. If the opening requires more than rock or dirt to fill in, then an additional charge maybe required.

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