Squirrel Removal & Humane Squirrel Exterminators

Squirrel TreatmentWelcome to Freedom Pest Control’s page on squirrels. Squirrels are fun to watch running around outside but when they make their home inside yours the fun stops and the danger starts. Besides doing damage to get in they also enjoy chewing on wires causing a fire hazard.
There are 3 types of squirrels in the northeast that enjoy your home as much as you do:

Gray squirrels, red squirrels and flying squirrels.

Our technician will ask you questions as to what time of the day you are hearing the noise and where you are hearing the noise. This information will assist in pin pointing the correct squirrel and where they are getting in.

For gray and red squirrels, we will use the information you gave us which will help our technician to locate the opening and place our traps in such a way that we can trap and remove all of the squirrels that are in your home. Our technician will make recommendations to you at this time about any issues you can correct that will make your home less desirable to squirrels in the future.

Once all the squirrels have been trapped and our technician is sure no other squirrels are in the hole, we will close in the small opening(s) with a heavy wire mesh. The wire mesh will stop anything else from entering you home like a bird or another animal.

For flying squirrels, our technician will use one way doors and exclusion techniques to allow all the flying squirrels to leave, usually from the roof or soffit area. In 15-20 days we will return to remove the one way doors and seal that hole.

Squirrel removal service is guaranteed for 3 months. If any other squirrels get in we will return and remove them at no cost. Our technician will discuss any large structural deficiencies in your home that will not be covered in this plan. If your home has larger openings that need carpentry work, you should have the work done during this 3 month period.