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Reliable Pest Solutions In West Newbury, MA

Do you see the occasional spider in your home? Is it common to notice ants or some other pests inside? You're not alone, it is hard to keep pests out. It is also hard to get control of pests in your yard. It takes a combination of general pest maintenance and targeted pest control.

Join us as we look at some ways your maintenance efforts can help manage pests, and how Freedom Pest Control provides targeted pest control solutions that are best performed by a licensed and experienced service technician. As always, if you have an urgent pest problem and you are in need of Essex County pest control, jump over to our contact page for immediate assistance.

Home Pest Control In West Newbury, MA

Do you know that home maintenance and pest maintenance go hand-in-hand? It's true. Many of the things you do to protect and beautify your home will also have an impact on pest activity and accidental pest entry.

  • When you clean your gutters, not only do you protect your home from wood rot but you also reduce the dampness that invites pest problems. A reduction in rotting wood will also have an impact on whether or not you have pest problems since many pests are attracted to rotting wood.

  • When you remove spider webs, you don't just make your home pretty, you deter spiders from making webs and reduce spiders by potentially removing egg sacs.

  • When you remove leaves and sticks, you don't just reduce moisture and increase curb appeal, you remove a habitat that attracts pests.

  • When you pick up pet waste, you don't just make it nicer to walk around in your yard, you remove a fly attractant.

  • When you repair weatherstripping, door sweeps, and screens, and use a caulking gun to seal gaps, you not only keep heat from escaping your home during the winter months, but you also prevent pests from getting into your home during the summer months.

Do you see how it works? These and other pest-maintenance methods can reduce pest problems, but as you know, pests can be persistent. Maintenance alone isn't enough for complete control. At Freedom Pest Control, we provide several services that replace the work you have to do such as removing spider webs and sealing entry points. On top of this, we provide targeted residential pest control. Here are a few examples:

  • Crack and crevice sprays

  • Treatment to the base of landscape plants

  • Granular products placed around your perimeter and in your yard

Pest maintenance and targeted control create layers of protection to reduce pest activity around your home and seal pests out. If you have questions, or you'd like to request service, reach out to us. We're here to help.


All About Mice In West Newbury & How To Keep Them Out Of Your Home

a mouse crawling into a home through an exterior wall crack

Mice can seem like mysterious pests because they're so good at being sneaky but they're not all that mysterious once you get to know them. Here are a few simple steps to help you keep mice out of your West Newbury home:

  • Mice eat seeds. Move bird feeders away from your exterior to reduce mouse activity.

  • Mice eat nuts. Stay on top of cleaning up nuts in your yard to reduce mouse activity.

  • Mice eat food in your garbage. You would be amazed at how a mouse can climb into your trash receptacles. Keep them covered to keep mice out and to contain the scent that can attract mice from a distance.

  • Mice get in through holes the size of a dime. Use a caulking gun to seal exterior gaps and holes.

  • Mice can create holes. Routine inspections help you detect damage early as well as find other signs of mouse activity such as droppings. When you catch mice early, you can apply metal flashing, hardware cloth, and other materials to bolster your defenses.

When you have year-round pest control, you get routine inspections and proactive mouse control. If you want to put mouse control out of your mind, this is the best way to go.

Why Stinging Insect Infestations In West Newbury Are Best Left To Professionals

a wasp on its nest

You may think the reason we're going to give for professionals dealing with stinging insects is that stinging insects can sting you while you're removing their nests.

While this is certainly true, it isn't the most important reason to leave stinging insect control to the professionals. A year-round pest control program provides early detection and removal of nests.

Let's be honest, life gets busy and who has time to be doing routine inspections for wasp problems? If you're in West Newbury, let Freedom Pest Control help you stay ahead of stinging pests. Connect with us today for our stinging insect control service

Commercial Pest Control In West Newbury, MA

When you invest in commercial pest control, you get all of the services we provide our residential customers plus targeted services for your industry and your specific needs. A few of the many industries we service are:

  • Property Management

  • Restaurants

  • Food Storage Warehouses

  • Educational Institutions

  • Food Processing

  • Hospitality

Get started with an IPM pest control plan for your business, starting today. The service team here at Freedom Pest Control looks forward to helping you find a customized plan that fits your business.


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