Bats are interesting animals and an integral part of our ecosystem, especially in targeting nuisance insects. However, having them nearby can be hazardous to your health and safety. As wild animals, they are susceptible to diseases that are transmissible to humans. For these reasons, it's important to entrust a professional with the safe and humane exclusion of these animals from your home. Pest control in Merrimac is the best way to handle bats, but learning about them can give you an advantage if you come in contact with them.

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Where Do Bats Like To Hide?

In the wild, bats prefer dark and undisturbed places where they can quickly go in and out, such as trees, caves, and crevices in the rocks; however, the further we encroach on nature, the more they've found ideal hiding places in an urban environment. Now, attics, chimneys, crawlspaces, and overhangs on homes and buildings have become a hot spot for bats.

If you have bats roosting around your home, it's important to know that they like to come back to the same roost over and over again for years to come. That's why it's important to squash the habit fast if you notice them hanging around.

Three Bat Facts You Probably Didn't Know

While bat control is vital for human health, bats are undeniably cool animals. There are many misconceptions about them, as well. Even though it's not true, many still believe that bats are blind. The fact is, bats see as well as humans do during the day, and they rely on their acute echolocation skills at night to detect tiny insects flying nearby.

Here are a few other interesting facts about bats:

1. Biologists have determined bats are worth at least 3 billion dollars to U.S. agriculture because of their prolific insect diet.

2. Bats can live up to thirty years in good conditions.

3. More than half of the bat species in the United States are at-risk or endangered species, partially because of a new disease attacking them called White-nose syndrome.

Based on these facts, you can determine that humane bat control is essential, as we are determined not to make more of a dent in the bat population. You may also have noticed that bats are very effective in insect control. Because of this, many allow bats to live nearby as their free form of pest control.

While this is kind, it may not be wise to allow bats near your home, as they may come inside and drop disease-spreading guano, or worse, a rabies-infected bat could bite a resident of your home. Did you know that bats make up a third of total wildlife rabies cases in the United States?

Bat Removal: Steps From The Pros

Getting an insider's perspective on what happens with bat removal may give you more peace of mind about calling for help. To provide you with more of an idea of what happens with professional wildlife removal, here are the steps your local bat control specialists for your Merrimac home would follow to protect you and the animal:

  • Your pest control professional would start with a thorough inspection. This process helps determine why bats are choosing your yard or home and can evaluate the risks involved with their presence.

  • Next, they would install a one-way door. Placed over the entry point the animal has made or used to come inside, the animal may exit through the door but cannot come back in.

  • Finally, we'll assess methods of habitat remediation that will keep the bats from coming back and can clean and sanitize the area to prevent the guano from infecting your home's inhabitants.

The wildlife professionals, through this method, won't disrupt the animals or the ecosystem at all; instead, they will persuade them to relocate by cutting off access to their preferred roost.

Humane Bat Removal In Merrimac

You have a few options when it comes to wildlife control. If you're wondering if you should call animal control for a bat, consider that while animal control can remove them for free, they can't protect your home from future invasions.

The best way to control bats in Merrimac is with Freedom Pest Control. Our minimally-invasive procedures will protect you and the animal and help restore your home and attic to make sure it's safe for you. Our sanitization and restoration services are also something you won't get from animal control. Don't forget to call Freedom Pest Control today for your free quote or start with humane bat pest control.


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