Can you call animal control for bats? Do bats help control mosquitoes? There’s a lot to know about these critters, especially if you’ve got a bat problem in your Merrimac home or property. Here’s what you should know about what may be attracting them, the easiest way to deter bats, five easy tips for keeping them away, and how professional pest control is the best way to control bats in Merrimac.

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What Attracts Bats To Your Home?

Like many pests, your home attracts bats for the same three reasons: safe shelter, accessible food sources, and water. If they’ve decided to take up residence in your attic, barn, or outbuilding, the bats around your Merrimac property may have found that your home offers protection from the elements and predators as well as an abundant food source.

Bats like to feed on flying insects, including mosquitoes. Most bats have no interest in your leftovers or trash cans, but they will happily scoop up any flying insects that are hovering around these food sources. Are bats good for mosquito control? Some homeowners may lure bats into their homes for the express purpose of getting rid of mosquitoes, but this isn’t a good idea.

While bats are rarely aggressive with people, they can carry diseases and potentially spread them to you. So, while they may reduce some of the flying insects around your home, bats can also pose a health risk, so you should never purposely attract them.

What Is The Easiest Way To Deter Bats?

If you’re looking for a few home remedies that might deter bats from hanging around your home, consider hanging bright lights or objects that reflect light in areas where bats may try to roost. This could include installing a light in your attic, hanging a strip of aluminum foil, or even putting up a few mirrors.

If you’re worried about fruit bats in your fruit trees, you can take this same approach with your yard. Place a few strips of aluminum foil, lighted objects, or noisemakers around fruit trees. This technique tends to deter bats because they don’t like light. Their eyes aren’t well-adapted to handle artificial lights, so they tend to naturally steer clear of places or locations that have excess light.

Five Tips To Keeping Bats Off Your Property

Hanging bright lights may not always be enough to completely deter bats, especially if you’ve got an abundant food source around your property. Here are some other handy tips for keeping bats away:

1. Get rid of their food source. Bats are going to stay where they’ve got food to eat, and if you’ve got a lot of mosquitoes, flies, and other insects around your home, they won’t be keen to leave your property. You can reduce insect populations by practicing sanitary food practices, like sealing leftovers and not letting your trash cans fill up.

2. Eliminate water sources. Get rid of standing water sources, like birdbaths or open cavities that collect rainwater, where bats and other insects may drink from.

3. Keep doors and windows completely closed, and seal up any other holes where bats may fly into your home.

4. Try using a decoy. While this may not be a permanent solution, mothballs and tinfoil can sometimes deter bats from hanging out in certain areas.

5. Work with a pest control professional for humane bat control in your Merrimac home.

Efficient Bat Removal In Merrimac

Although decoys and lights may work for short-term bat removal, the most effective way to get rid of bats in Merrimac is by working with a pest control company like Freedom Pest Control. Not only are bats dangerous to interact with on your own, but they’re also illegal to kill in most states, which is why these infestations need to be handled with care.

As a locally-owned and operated pest management service, we’ve been serving Merrimac and surrounding areas for more than two decades. Our highly-trained technicians have the experience, the gear, and the treatments to safely remove any bats in and around your Merrimac home.

If you’ve discovered a bat or bat infestation in your home, there’s only one way to get rid of these critters and the pests that may be attracting them – contact us today at Freedom Pest Control to learn more about our bat removal service.


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