Bees are a wonderful, essential part of our ecosystem, especially our native honey bees. However, if you have a thriving garden, you most likely also have a lot of bees. As cute and productive as they are, bees are still stinging insects, and for people prone to allergic reactions, they can be a looming presence.

It is both fortunate and problematic for some that bees are now on the endangered species list, meaning they are protected under the endangered species act, and we are somewhat limited in dealing with them. Thankfully, your Merrimac pest control professionals can protect the bees and get them out of your yard. Keep reading to learn more about bees in Merrimac, how you can protect them, how to treat a bumblebee insect sting, and how to control bees in backyards.

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What Attracts Bees To You?

Bees, naturally, are attracted to the scent, colors, and symmetry of flowers. Consequently, they may be more attracted to you if you seem like a flower in these ways. For example, if you’re eating or drinking something sugary, if you have sweet-smelling cosmetic products on, or if you’re wearing symmetrically patterned or purple, blue, or yellow clothing, bees may be more inclined to hover around you.

As for what attracts bees to your garden, the types of flowers you have planted and the layout and fixtures in your garden may be tempting them. Bees prefer purple, blue, and yellow flowers with flat or shallow blossoms that make the nectar easy to reach. Thick clusters of flowers also are tempting. Secondly, bees, like most insects, are attracted to water. Especially if you have a shallow bed of water, particularly a birdbath where bees can land without risk of drowning, they will think they’ve found paradise.

When wondering how to control bees in backyards, it starts with these things. Sometimes, natural garden pest control is as simple as making your backyard haven a little less inviting. Your thriving flower garden, whether you like it or not, will likely be drawing in bees by the handful. If this is something you cannot abide by, consider adjusting how densely you plant your flowers, what kinds of flowers you plant, and limiting your water fixtures.

What Can You Do To Protect Bees?

One of the greatest threats to our native bee population is pesticides. This means that if you want to prevent accidentally killing off our endangered bees, you’ll have to go chemical-free and use natural garden pest control. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use pesticides or insecticides. Simply try organic and natural solutions like natural pest control spray, fertilizers, and herbicides to keep away harmful insects while allowing the beneficial ones to thrive.

For those who want to give bees a place to live away from their home, you can provide a bee house. Many bees are solitary, so giving them a free and convenient place to live that protects your home from hives or carpenter bee holes also prevents you from having to resort to bee pest control near you.

Finally, where the bees are allowed, leave shallow baths of water, plenty of trees, and maybe some wildflowers that don’t need much tending.

How To Treat A Bee Sting

Bumblebee insect stings aren’t just painful; for those with allergies, they can be life-threatening. If you have a bee allergy, keep an epi-pen on hand and visit a medical professional as soon as a sting occurs. For mild to moderate reactions, remove the stinger, wash the area with soap and water, apply an ice pack, and (if the sting is on an extremity) elevate it.

If you have an abundance of bees and a bee sting allergy, it would be wise to consult with a residential pest control advisor who can help you safely remove the bees as well as the risk factors that attract them to your home and yard.

Gentle Pest Control For Bee Removal In Merrimac

If you’re looking for bee pest control near you, look no farther than Freedom Pest Control. Your pest control advisor will determine the best course of action for safely removing bees and will discuss ways to limit the number of bees on your property in the future. At Freedom Pest Control, our priority is your safety, and we promise sustainable, eco-friendly methods to keep our natural resources safe, too. With natural pest control spray, we can protect your home and garden from other nuisance pests while protecting our local bees. To start a plan for a pest-free home and garden that protects our planet and our community, call Freedom Pest Control today.


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