Wildlife Removal and Sanitation

Animals in the wild are very fun to watch. Whether it’s skunks, squirrels, woodchucks, raccoons, bats or any other animal, they may seem cute in the wild or running through your back yard but the damage they cause is far from cute. Chewing wires, digging up worms or grubs in your lawn or tipping over trash cans or the feces they leave in your home wildlife can become a nuisance and health hazard very quickly.

Trapping and Exclusion

A member of the Freedom Pest Wildlife nuisance team will come out to your home and identify what the animal is, how it is getting access to your home or yard and what damage they may have caused. The technician will develop a plan to humanely remove the animals or animals, tell you what you can do differently in the future to dissuade these animals and give you a great guarantee.

The first step is removing the animals from your property. Our technicians will either set humane traps or install one-way doors to remove the animals from your home. Once the animals are removed the next step is exclusion. Freedom Pest Control will install material that will exclude the animals from re-entering. The goal is to not allow any other animal from effectively keeping other animals out of your home.


With wild animals sometimes comes feces another waste left behind. In your home. Freedom Pest Control will give you a plan to professionally clean up these droppings and sanitize the area.