Bat Removal Service

Bats are one of nature’s perfect eating machine. Like all other wild animals, their behavior is determined by survival. Sitting outside your home on a summer evening you can watch bats erratically swoop in and out of the light hunting flies and mosquitoes. Unfortunately, your home may have become home to the bats. Along with the bats are their feces and associated diseases.

Bat Facts.

The good thing about bats is they can eat 100% of their weight every night in flies, gnats, and mosquitoes. That’s about 1200 flies. They can also cause leave unsightly piles of droppings outside your door or in your attic. These piles can cause ceiling staining or carry fungus that can carry the lung disease histoplasmosis. Each summer bats find a high hot area for faster development of their offspring, usually, this is in your attic.

Signs of Bats.

Signs of bats in your home include piles of guano (droppings) in your attic, guano on the side of your home or on your deck or other flat surfaces. Entry points will have black greasy rub marks indicate bats using this area to get into your home. You may hear scratching noise at night as they move around. Late in the season (November or December) bats will burrow under attic insulation (much louder scratching noise at night) to overwinter. Bat urine and droppings have a distinct odor to them easily identifiable by professionals.
Bat Removal.

Bat removal and exclusion are simply that. Freedom Pest Control will inspect your home for potential and active entry points. On the most active entry points, we install a one-way door that allows bats to leave and not get back in. On the potential entry points, we permanently seal with a hard foam. Your technician will return in 2-3 weeks and remove the temporary one-way doors and seal them permanently with the hard foam.

Do Bats Carry Rabies?

Bats can carry rabies disease but it is not common. However, if you discover a bat in your home there are suggested procedures that should be completed for the prevention of rabies. If you discover a bat in your home, you should contact your physician or pediatrician and discuss any treatment suggestions. If you encounter a bat always wash your hands as a precautionary item.

Can Bat Droppings Make Me Sick?

A few droppings on the side of your home or a small group on a flat surface will not have the best conditions to allow a fungus to grow that carries histoplasmosis. If your attic has a bat colony, then droppings can build up and if disturbed will cause infectious spores to be released.

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