The Most Simple Way To Deal With Bed Bugs In Merrimac

Bed bugs are a growing problem all over the United States, and Merrimac residents are having to deal with them as well. Bed bugs are different from a lot of pests that infest your home in that they aren’t looking for a place to live and the food in your cabinets. Instead, they want to hide in your bed, and they want to feed on you. Bed bugs need blood to breed and feed, and once they move into your house, you will be on their menu until you can get rid of them.

Don’t let bed bugs put you on the menu in your own home. Freedom Pest Control is your best bet for pest control in Merrimac. Call us and let us get them before they get you. We know how to kill bed bugs.

Bed Bug On Skin

Easy-To-Spot Signs Of A Bed Bug Infestation

Given that bed bug infestations are so serious, here are some ways to tell if bed bugs have moved into your home:

  • Bed bug bites: If you wake up with bites you didn’t go to sleep with, chances are that you have bed bugs sharing your bed with you at night.
  • Blood on your sheets: Bed bugs leave blood spots behind when they feed on you. If you find blood spots on your sheets, you might have a bed bug infestation.
  • Brown-black stains: Bed bug droppings look like dark brown or black stains between mattresses and sheets. See stains between your mattress and box springs? Bed bugs.
  • Shells or eggs: Bed bugs molt as they grow, and leave shells behind. If you find insect shells between your mattress and box springs, that is a good sign of a bad problem.
  • Bugs themselves: Bed bugs tend to be shy, but quickly lifting a mattress corner might allow you to spot them before they can hide from you.

Bed bug control in Merrimac is important. If you see any sign that bed bugs are in your home, don’t waste time. Call Freedom Pest Control and let us help you get them out of your house.

How And Why Bed Bug Infestations Get Worse With Time

Bed bugs hide well, and breed fast. When environmental conditions allow, they breed quickly, and infestations will move all throughout your home. Bed bugs hide behind wall plates, light switches, molding, furniture, pictures, beds, clothing, and carpets. DIY bed bug pest control techniques are not effective and can allow infestations to grow even worse. 

Don’t allow bed bugs to infest your home and ruin your ability to fully enjoy it. Freedom Pest Control knows how to get rid of bed bugs. Call us today, and let us help you get rid of yours. 

How Bed Bugs Hitch Rides Into Our Homes

Bed bugs are great travelers, and can introduce themselves into your home in several ways. They can ride in on store purchases, especially on things with lots of places to hide. Bed bugs can ride in on pets. They can walk in by themselves if you live near an infested place. Bed bugs can enter your home inside luggage, and they can even ride in on you. 

Bed bugs have lots of ways to get into your house, but Freedom Pest Control knows all the ways to get them back out. We know how to get rid of bed bugs permanently, and we can help you get rid of yours. Call us today.

How Can I Prevent Bed Bugs From Coming Back?

If you find that bed bugs have infested your home, you want them out fast. Don’t struggle to fight them on your own, allowing an infestation to hang around. Call Freedom Pest control and let us help. We know how to treat bed bugs.

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