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Don’t Let Rats Into Your Massachusetts or New Hampshire Home

There’s something about rats that can send a shiver down even the bravest person’s spine. Maybe it’s their beady eyes or their hairless tails, but the truth is that the way rats look is the least of anyone’s problems. If rats get into your Massachusetts or New Hampshire home, their creepy appearance will be the least of your worries.

Rats are a problem in homes not because of how they look, but because of what they do once inside. A rat infestation will lead to damage to your home through chewed walls, wires, and pipes, damaged insulation, and rat urine and feces left everywhere. It will also leave your family susceptible to serious diseases through contaminated food and countertops.

Rats are also dangerous to come into contact with, so trying to eliminate an infestation on your own is usually a bad idea if you don’t have knowledge of rat behaviors and biology or experience with rat removal. Luckily, Freedom Pest Control has both. We have been eliminating rat infestations in Massachusetts and New Hampshire for over 25 years and we can make your home a safe, healthy, rat-free place to live again.

Our Rat Control Process

Having rats end up in your house may seem unlikely due to their size, but it becomes much easier to understand when you find out that rats can squeeze through openings as small as a quarter. Even a small gap in your house can be easily chewed away with a rat’s powerful jaws until it is big enough to fit through.

That’s why we begin with an inspection of your house when you contact us for rat control services. We’ll identify the entry points the rats are using to get inside, as well as the areas of rat activity, and where droppings are located. All of this information gives us a picture of how large your infestation is and what the best approach will be to eliminate it. 

Once we’ve gathered the information we need, we’ll share it with you. We’ll discuss what we found, what treatment methods we recommend, and a little bit about rat biology and behavior. For instance, it helps to understand just how dangerous a rat infestation can be when you understand a little bit about the diseases they can spread.

Hantavirus, leptospirosis, tularemia, salmonellosis, Lassa fever, rat-bite fever, and hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome are all illnesses spread by rats. Many of them start out with flu-like symptoms that will either resolve on their own or become more severe with time. You can contract them through a variety of means, including direct contact, eating contaminated food, or even breathing in particles from dried feces or urine. While some of these diseases can be fully recovered from, others are extremely dangerous. For example, hantavirus has a mortality rate of nearly 40%.

When confronted with the serious nature of a rat infestation, you’ll want to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Our rat control methods are highly effective and have been perfected over the past 25+ years. We’ll set traps and place bait stations in strategic locations to eliminate the rats in and around your house.

We’ll also provide exclusion work to seal the entry points the rats were using to get in and out. This is a vital step in the rat control process as it prevents future infestations. We can seal small cracks and gaps, as well as do small repairs.

How to Identify Rat Infestations

  1. Droppings: Rat feces are a telltale sign of their presence. These droppings are small, dark brown or black in color, and resemble grains of rice.

  2. Gnaw Marks: Rats have a habit of gnawing on various materials to keep their teeth from overgrowing. Look for chew marks on wood, plastic, and wires.

  3. Tracks and Smudges: Rats often leave behind greasy marks along their regular routes. These marks, caused by the oils on their fur, are visible along walls and baseboards.

  4. Nests: Rats create nests in secluded areas using shredded materials like paper and fabric. Check attics, basements, and behind appliances for nests.

  5. Strange Noises: Rats are nocturnal creatures, so you may hear scratching or squeaking sounds coming from walls, ceilings, or attics at night.

  6. Rub Marks: Rats leave behind rub marks along walls and surfaces as they navigate their environment. These marks appear greasy and are often found near entry points.

  7. Visual Sightings: Seeing a rat during the day suggests a significant infestation since rats typically remain hidden during daylight hours.

  8. Pet Behavior: Pay attention to your pets' behavior; they may exhibit signs of distress or agitation if they sense the presence of rats. This could include scratching at walls or furniture.

  9. Foul Odors: A musky, unpleasant odor may indicate the presence of rats, particularly in confined spaces where they nest and urinate.

  10. Property Damage: Rats can cause structural damage by chewing through walls, insulation, and wiring. If you notice unexplained damage, it could be a sign of a rat infestation.

Promptly addressing a suspected rat infestation is essential to prevent further damage and potential health hazards. Consider seeking assistance from pest control professionals for effective identification and elimination of the problem.

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A Rat-Free Home Is a Healthy Home

If you think you have rats in or around your house, it’s best not to delay. The sooner you contact Freedom Pest Control, the sooner you can be on your way to a safe, healthy, rat-free home. Our services are performed by experts in the field and are guaranteed. To learn more about our rat control, general home pest control, or to schedule an inspection, contact us today.

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