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It's not a secret that pest infestations can cause property damage. However, in the case of nuisance wildlife, the damage to your property can be severe, and the need for repair is much greater in those circumstances.

Most animals that invade prefer to do so through the attic. Some common examples include bats, squirrels, and more. With the attic being such a high-traffic area, sometimes a special type of repair called attic remediation and restoration is necessary.

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Why Attic Remediation Is Necessary

It's not just that the local wildlife gets inside the attic; it's what they do once inside that creates the real problem. Some problems to expect in your attic include:

Droppings: Every single animal that gets inside your attic will leave behind droppings. Bats are the biggest offenders to watch out for, but every animal leaves behind a different pattern.

  • Urine: If it's not droppings, it's urine they leave behind, which creates its own problems for the people residing on the premises.

  • Insulation: Some animals, like grey squirrels, will ball up the insulation to create a nest.

With these three things, there are specific problems to remain aware of, which include, but aren't limited to:

  • Disease: After enough time, the droppings left behind will develop spores of bacteria, which can cause severe illness.

  • Wildlife scent: The same or other animals will be able to pick up the scent left behind. As such, you can end up with a revolving door of wildlife animal invasions.

  • Damage: Over time, torn insulation, claw marks, corroded surfaces, and other signs of property damage will develop, which can be costly to repair/correct.

Before remediation can begin, it's vital that all wildlife animals are removed and excluded. Both processes should be handled by a qualified and trained professional due to the potential dangers involved.

Does Insurance Cover This?

The answer to this question depends largely on the insurance company you use, the type of policy purchased, and the specific type of damage inflicted. For example, some companies won't cover any urine or feces-related damage.

Ultimately, it's best to get the most comprehensive coverage possible and be prepared to pay for repairs out of pocket, so you're not caught by surprise.

Our Attic Remediation & Restoration process

Our remediation process is designed to be simple yet effective, so you can rest easy knowing you're getting the results you need for sustainable attic remediation and restoration.

To start, we always focus on trapping and removing the animals in question from the attic. Once finished, we can close the entrance to prevent re-entry. Only at that point do we begin the remediation process. During remediation, we remove the affected insulation, animal droppings, and urine. Afterward, we'll remove as little insulation as possible and disinfect the entire area.

Don't let your attic suffer any longer than necessary. Get the protection and restoration you need today by calling our local pest control technicians at Freedom Pest Control. Learn more about our reliable home pest control services.


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