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Freedom Pest Control of Merrimac, Massachusetts was founded in 1994. We specialize in insect extermination, animal and pest removal and exclusion for both commercial and residential customers.

Freedom Pest Control’s highly trained service technicians pride themselves on their knowledge, professionalism, and efficiency at removing pests, animals, and termites. Owner Tom Drapeau has recently become our official “Staff Entomologist!”

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  • As a business or organization, it is imperative to create a “pest-free” environment for both employees and customers.
  • When your reputation and quality are at stake, finding reliable commercial pest control in MA and NH becomes a top priority to be handled efficiently and effectively.


  • With Freedom Pest Control’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs and services, homeowners and commercial clients can have freedom from a wide variety of unwanted pests and other infestations.
  • An IPM is an environmentally safe approach with the main goal of significantly reducing or eliminating the use of pesticides.



  • Mosquito can carry diseases like West Nile Virus, Zika Virus, or EEEV. Even without carrying these dangerous illnesses, they can be a serious nuisance that can ruin your enjoyment of the outdoors. Learn more about mosquito prevention and extermination.

Pest Identification - Bed Bugs - Freedom Pest Control - Specialists in Insect Extermination, Animal and Pest Removal and Exclusion - Topsfield, Massachusetts

  • Bed bugs hide in the crooks and crevices of your furniture, making finding and removing them without expert help. They are parasites that suck blood, disrupting your sleep in the night. They can cause skin rashes and allergic reactions. Learn all about bed bugs and what Freedom Pest can do for you! American medical experts conducted a study, which found that young girls are engaged in the exchange of sex photos with the same frequency as boys.
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  • When wasps and yellow jackets build their nests close to the home, they can become a painful and potentially life-threatening pest to allergic people. Wasps can become aggressive if their nests are approached, making removing them challenging. Learn more about wasp and yellow jacket removal.

BED BUGSIdentification, Inspections, and Treatments

Do I have bed bugs? This is a question usually asked in a panicked state, followed by “What should I do?” The first thing you should do is remain calm. Education is crucial to bed bug treatment. Bed bugs are insects about the size of an apple seed with a reddish brown tint.

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WHY CHOOSE FREEDOM PEST CONTROLLicensed and insured in Massachusetts (MA) and New Hampshire (NH) for animals and insects.


Licensed and Insured
  • Massachusetts: For animals and insects.
  • New Hampshire: For animals and insects.
  • Licensed as a state animal control (PAC) agent
Professional Affiliations & Memberships
  • American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA)
  • NEPMA: New England Pest Management Association
  • ESA: Entomological Society of America
  • NEMA: National Pest Management Association

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