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Effective Mosquito & Tick Control Solutions For Newbury, MA Residents

One of the great pleasures in life is spending time enjoying the outdoors in your backyard. Unfortunately, certain pests can make spending time in your yard unbearable. Pests like mosquitoes and ticks often invade Newbury, MA properties where they can bite people and pets, spreading various harmful blood-borne illnesses. Therefore, if you’re a Newbury property owner, you need effective mosquito and tick control solutions to keep these dangerous invaders away.

When it comes to keeping common mosquitoes and ticks out of your Newbury yard, there’s no one better than the professionals here at Mosquito Busters. We provide both mosquito and ticks control solutions that you can count on to limit the populations around your property so that you can get back to enjoying your yard worry-free.

At Mosquito Busters, we are here for our friends and neighbors in Newbury and the surrounding area. Our parent company, Freedom Pest Control, has been a fixture in New England pest control for years. When we discovered that residents of Massachusetts had a special need for mosquito and tick control, we founded Mosquito Busters to specialize in those areas.

Our trained technicians focus primarily on mosquito and tick control. That means they have advanced knowledge and skills to handle problems related to these two particularly nasty pests. Our goal is to make sure that mosquito and ticks don’t bother you at home or at work and get you back to loving your yard.

Does DIY Tick Control Work In Newbury Yards?

Home in Newbury

Ticks are small arachnids that feed on the blood of humans and animals. In doing so, they can spread a number of harmful blood-borne illnesses such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease. As such, it’s important to take effective steps to limit their numbers around your property, including keeping your lawn well-maintained and not allowing vegetation to overgrow on your property. You can also take steps to keep tick-carrying wildlife away from your yard by keeping outdoor dining spaces free of food debris and storing trash in bins with tight-fitting lids.

While taking these steps can help keep ticks and the animals that carry them away from your yard, they are only so effective. If you want the most effective form of tick control available, you need to partner with the professionals here at Mosquito Busters. We use a combination of pesticides and non-chemical treatment methods to ensure your yard isn’t hospitable to these blood-feeding pests. Give us a call today to learn more about our tick control services.

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Newbury’s Easy To Use Tick Bite Identification Guide

Ticks feed on animal and human blood, which means they can spread several harmful blood-borne illnesses. As such, it is important to be able to identify if you have been bitten by a tick so that you can seek medical attention if necessary.

Tick bites usually appear as small, red welts. You may also find the tick living underneath the skin if it has burrowed down into it. If you do find a tick bite somewhere on your body, you need to monitor it for signs of any further infection. If the bite site swells or a rash appears around it (often in the shape of a target or straight lines across the skin), seek medical attention immediately. Additionally, if a tick has bitten you and you begin to feel faint, experience extreme fluctuations in body heat, or muscle stiffness, you also should seek medical attention.

For more information about tick bites or professional tick control solutions in Newbury, MA, contact the good people here at Mosquito Busters today.

Mosquito Control: Practical Advice For Newbury Residents

Mosquitoes are small fly-like insects that buzz incessantly, swarm in large numbers, and bite, leaving itchy red welts and the possible transmission of diseases. 

Therefore, it is important to do what you can to make your yard less hospitable to these dangerous pests.

  • Keep your lawn well-manicured.
  • Trim back vegetation around your property.
  • Refrain from overwatering your lawn.
  • Keep gutters free of debris to prevent pooling.
  • Store containers or lids that might collect rainwater upside down.

You should also consider partnering with the mosquito control professionals here at Mosquito Busters. We offer an option of traditional or all-natural mosquito control solutions in Newbury, MA in which we create a barrier around your property and treat problem areas. Give us a call today to learn more.

How To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Backyards In Newbury?

Mosquitoes are some of the most obnoxious pests you can face here in Newbury. What’s worse, they can be dangerous, too. As such, it’s important to do what you can to keep these unwanted pests out of your yard. To do so effectively, you need to:

Eliminate all areas of standing water by filling in low-lying areas, keeping gutters free of clogs, and storing containers that might collect rainwater upside down.
Keep your lawn well-manicured, trim back vegetation, and do not overwater your lawn.
Ensure outdoor dining areas are free of spills and store trash in bins with tight-fitting lids.

If you have any further questions about mosquito control, contact the professionals here at Mosquito Busters. We have mosquito control down to a science to ensure your property remains free of these annoying dangerous pests.

Learn more about our all-natural pest management products for Newbury infestations.

Top Five Signs You Need Professional Termite Control In Newbury

Termites are a pest that no homeowner wants to deal with. These pests can silently destroy your home, doing thousands of dollars in damage before you even know they're there. But if you know the signs of a termite infestation, you can get it treated more quickly, meaning less damage to your home and your wallet. 

Here are the top five signs of termites around your Newbury home:

  • Mud tubes. Termites build these tunnels to travel from their nest to their food source. They are usually found on exterior walls, foundation, and sometimes in crawl spaces.
  • Frass. Frass resembles sawdust but is actually termite excrement. It will usually be found near holes in wood.
  • Swarmers. These are the reproductive termites that leave the colony to expand to other areas. If you see discarded wings around your home, this is a sign of swarmers.
  • Wood that sounds hollow when you tap on it.
  • Paint or wallpaper that is bubbled or uneven.

If you see any of these signs, contact us today. The sooner we get to work eliminating your termite problem, the less damage these pests can cause.

How Did These Cockroaches Get Into My Newbury Home?

Cockroaches may be one of the most feared pests in the country, and Newbury is no different. These creepy pests crawl around your home at night and can spread bacteria and diseases that put you and your family’s health at risk.

Cockroaches are resourceful pests that can get in your home a variety of ways. Some will crawl through holes in your home’s walls or foundation. Others come in through pipes or vents that are uncovered and exposed. They can also come in in deliveries, in boxes, bags, even purses and luggage.

There are a lot of ways that these creepy pests sneak into your home. To make sure your home is protected, call us today. We can inspect your property and identify areas that cockroaches may be using to get access and develop a treatment plan to keep them out.  

Residential Pest Control In Newbury, MA

No one ever wants to feel unsafe in their home. That is why we put in burglar alarms, smoke detectors, doorbell cameras, and other security features. As you think about protecting your home, make sure you think about dangerous pests like ticks and mosquitoes. These pests aren’t just annoying, but they can threaten the health and safety of you and your family by spreading diseases like Lyme disease, Zika virus, and malaria.

That is where we come in. We focus solely on these two dangerous pests. Our technicians are specifically trained to know everything possible about their habits, habitats, and how to quickly eliminate them. Our goal is to make sure you feel safe and comfortable at home, and we promise not to stop working until that is the case. Contact us for residential pest control.

Commercial Pest Control In Newbury, MA

At Mosquito Busters, we know how important it is to keep pests out of your business. It is hard for employees to be productive if they have mosquitoes buzzing around them all the time, and no one wants to visit your business if they think they are going to bring ticks home with them. You may think that because you run a business that is mostly outside, bugs are just a fact of life. But if potential customers feel threatened by dangerous pests like ticks and mosquitoes, they will quickly find other places to spend their time and hard-earned money.

Fortunately for Newbury business owners, we specialize in making sure you can operate free of mosquitoes and ticks, even outside. In fact, we specialize in outdoor areas, including the following:

  • School playgrounds
  • Restaurant patios
  • Recreational areas
  • Dog parks
  • Trails
  • Other outdoor areas

We can treat these areas to limit the population of both pests, using treatments that are natural and safe for your customers and employees. We can help you avoid the negative press and customer loss that comes with a mosquito problem; just call us today for professional pest control and let us get started. 

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