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As America's oldest seaport, Gloucester has quite the legacy to uphold. The city's urban core holds more than 25,000 people, swelling during the summer to accommodate groups of tourists, visitors, and vacationers. The bulk of the town sits on the edge of Cape Ann on the Massachusetts North Shore, a location that has inspired some of the world's greatest novels. Rudyard Kipling's 'Captains Courageous,' H.P. Lovecraft's 'The Shadow Over Innsmouth,' and Charles Olson's 'The Maximus Poems' are just a few of the greats.

Celebrities, authors, and private citizens alike believe that Gloucester is one of the best places to live in Massachusetts. However, it is arguably one of the most pest-infested areas as well. Between water depth, rainfall levels, and high summer humidity, fleas and ticks make life difficult for people all over town. Homeowners, business owners, and even visiting tenants are kept from doing the things they love by pests who won't quit.

Controlling pests is important to you. With Mosquito Busters, your pest problems are our priority. We bring retribution to mosquitoes, ticks, and any other creature that would dare infringe on your property, using our professionalism to address any concerns. Don't just survive pests – thrive with Mosquito Busters. Call our Gloucester office for help today!

DIY Vs. Pro Tick Control In Gloucester, MA

It might seem okay to handle ticks on your own, but in Gloucester, that is never a good idea. Ticks are classified as extremely dangerous pests by entomologists, who recognize the problems associated with their bites and disease rate transfer rates. That's why professional tick control is always the number one recommended method of control in Gloucester and beyond.

Home in Gloucester

Here's how DIY remedies match up against pro tick control in almost every category:

  • DIY control is only useful for control or prevention, not treatment. Professional control can do both.
  • Professional tick control can eliminate ticks in just a single treatment. DIY control often takes several applications.
  • Some forms of DIY tick control can be dangerous to people, their pets, and the environment. Professional tick control from Mosquito Busters not only protects those you love but the planet as well.

Match your methods of tick control to meet the needs of those you love. Schedule an initial tick visit to eliminate the species in your yard right away.

How To Identify Black-Legged Deer Ticks In Gloucester

Black-Legged Deer Ticks are one of the seven species of ticks able to transmit diseases through biting. These pests are notorious for taking up residence around Gloucester properties and usually appear in full force during the warm season.

Here's how you can identify one around the yard:

  • Brownish or black-red coloring
  • Flat and teardrop-shaped bodies
  • Eight black legs
  • Black circles under their head

Eliminate these pests from your Gloucester yard by trusting the expertise of the Mosquito Busters. We are ready to help as soon as you contact us. Call now to schedule effective tick control services in Gloucester, MA.

Backyard Mosquito Control Methods For Gloucester Homeowners

There are several dozen types of mosquitoes that wind up in Gloucester backyards. While each species is significantly different from the other, all are extremely dangerous to human health and welfare. Not every mosquito bite will result in a mosquito-borne illness, but the risks are always present. In some areas (such as Gloucester), prevention is absolutely necessary to ensure your property's ongoing protection.

Here are some of the best mosquito prevention methods in Gloucester, MA for both commercial and residential property owners in Gloucester:

  • Keep the grass in the yard trimmed low. Taller grasses could be harboring moisture, giving mosquitoes a place to breed.
  • Don't allow too many flowering plants to be grown near the building. These will attract male mosquitoes, which will end up attracting more female (biting) mosquitoes.
  • Do what you can to eliminate harborage zones by trimming trees and shrubs away from the house.
  • Invest in year-round mosquito control from a professional company such as Mosquito Busters.

Contact the Mosquito Busters for help booking your next mosquito treatment today.

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All The Ways You May Be Attracting Mosquitoes To Your Yard In Gloucester, MA 

Most of us are not interested in attracting pests to our properties. In fact, the vast majority of us would prefer to keep them out of the yard as much as possible! Unfortunately, there are some things we do that make infestations possible.

You may be attracting mosquitoes to your yard by:

  • Letting the grass grow long.
  • Planting too many flowers too close to the home.
  • Allowing trees and shrubs to grow out of control.
  • Leaving stagnant water sources around the house.

Book an initial mosquito inspection to determine if these factors are present on your property.

Learn more about our all-natural pest management products for Gloucester infestations.

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