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The town of Plaistow is located along New Hampshire’s southern border with Massachusetts and offers residents an idyllic New England experience. There are hiking trails, local businesses at every turn, water access, a cozy downtown with a beloved public library, and easy access to both Portsmouth and Boston. Part of living in this community is the reality that mosquitoes and ticks appear every spring and stay around throughout the fall.

At Mosquito Busters, we deliver quality pest control in Plaistow that addresses these two pests specifically. As a locally owned family business with more than three decades of experience, we believe in quality work and we have the expertise to back it up. Each of our treatments will be tailored to the specifics of your property and can utilize either traditional treatments or eco-friendly ones. Mosquito and tick season is closer than you might think! For more information on our services and to implement them on your property, please call us today.

Residential Mosquito Control In Plaistow

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Mosquitoes will loiter around your home looking for people to bite because the female needs human blood in order to lay her eggs. They are a seasonal pest problem, but that doesn’t mean that you should have to endure them every year. At Mosquito Busters, we provide Plaistow mosquito control that you can trust. Our company was founded by an associated certified entomologist so we are experts on pest biology and behavior. The process begins with a detailed inspection of your yard where our buster will eliminate areas of standing water and grow familiar with the specifications of your home. We offer both traditional and all-natural products based on your preference. We also treat standing water with BTI to eliminate any larvae.

In addition to our reliable services, we make sure that you have a seamless experience when partnering with us. We provide reachable customer support, fair pricing, and a satisfaction guarantee that you won’t find elsewhere. For more information on residential mosquito control in Plaistow, call us today.

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    We have a state of the art facility and lab onsite, where all new techs are trained. We put a big emphasis on investing back into our team, so they can deliver you the highest quality of service.
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    At Freedom Pest Control, our customers always come first. Our values are centered on treating you with professionalism, courtesy, accountability, and integrity.

  • 30+ Years of Experience & Knowledge

    Freedom Pest Control has been serving Boston and the surrounding areas for over 30 years. We're committed to providing you with the best possible service, every time. 

Residential Tick Control In Plaistow

Ticks are a feared pest for local residents and with good reason. At Mosquito Busters, we take these pests seriously with guaranteed tick control in Plaistow. Our company is dedicated to providing customers with complete relief from ticks and because we’re masters of pest biology, we can make that a reality.

Our process begins with a comprehensive property inspection where our Buster Technician will point out the habitat adjustments that we can make in order to make your property unappealing to ticks. Next, we spot-treat hot areas in your yard with either our traditional products or all-natural ones. If you opt for traditional treatments, they usually only require three in total, and our all-natural services require maintenance every three weeks. For more information on our tick control in Plaistow, call us today.

3 Things You Probably Don't Know About Aedes Vexans Mosquito In Plaistow

While the Aedes vexans mosquito is very common in Plaistow, here are three things that you probably don’t know about them:

  1. They’re attracted to water. Another name for this species is the inland flood mosquito, so it’s no surprise that they are attracted to an abundance of moisture. You might see an influx of these mosquitoes after a big rainfall or a hurricane, which is the ideal time for them to lay eggs. They will usually lay their eggs in the soil around flooded areas.
  2. Health risks are common with them. The Aedes vexans is the type of mosquito that’s associated with West Nile virus in people and heartworm in dogs. While not every member of this species will spread these illnesses, it’s important to be aware of them.
  3. They don’t have a long lifespan. The average Aedes vexans usually lives only three to six weeks; however, in that time, a female can produce up to 100 eggs per batch that she lays.

For complete mosquito control, call Mosquito Busters today.

American Dog Ticks & Disease: What Every Plaistow Property Owner Ought To Know

The American dog tick is a very common species in the Plaistow area and can be identified by its marbled brown coloring and prominent cream-colored markings. Prior to a feeding, both the male and female resemble apple seeds; however, once they’ve eaten, they become engorged and look drastically different. This species of tick is also associated with illnesses like Rocky Mountain spotted fever and tularemia. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to tell simply from looking at a tick whether or not they’re carrying the pathogens for these health risks. They are most active during the spring and summer, but residents should be wary of them throughout the entirety of tick season. For people who have been bitten by any type of tick, it’s important to monitor for symptoms like rashes, muscle pain, headaches, sore lymph nodes, and ulcers at the bite location.

The most reliable way to keep these illnesses from developing is with tick control from Mosquito Busters. We are the trusted local pest experts who provide seasonal support against these hazardous pests. For more information, call us.

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