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About Our Company

Freedom Pest Control specializes in two areas. The first is our evidence-based, highly-trained, and effective approach to removing pests from homes and businesses. The second—and most important—is our customer service.

We create an Integrated Pest Management plan for each customer, strategizing the best course of action, along with a host of complementary methods. Beginning in 2020, Freedom Pest also offers remote rodent monitoring featuring 5G pest control technology.

Our headquarters in Merrimac, MA houses a state-of-the-art lab where we study pest behaviors and biology, and identify insects, rodents, and animals—allowing us to innovate programs and techniques to keep our client’s facilities, businesses, and homes pest-free.

Adjacent to the lab is our Educational Facility, where we provide continuing education for our expert technicians, as well as host on-site consulting workshops for our clients and their employees.  We are dedicated to advancing the science of pest control and sharing that expertise with our clients.

Freedom Pest Control services homes and commercial properties, food service industries, hospitals, motels, nursing residences and more. At Freedom Pest Control, our motto is consistent, quality service and dedication to customer satisfaction.

About Tom Drapeau, ACE

Tom Drapeau, President
Freedom Pest Control

Tom is our President and General Manager, an Associate Certified Entomologist (a true bug expert!) and a long-time resident of the areas served by Freedom Pest Control.

Tom is a lifelong resident of Georgetown, MA, aside from the 10 years he lived in Haverhill, where Freedom Pest Control was established in 1994. In the years since, the company’s headquarters have been located in Topsfield and now Merrimac.

Tom Drapeau and Freedom Pest Control have been proud supporters of the communities they serve, beginning the day FPC moved to Topsfield, when Tom bought a new flag for the town hall. Since then, the company has consistently sponsored youth sports and school initiatives. Under Tom’s leadership, FPC has partnered with local oil companies to donate heating oil to families in need, and most recently donated meals to nurses across the region who were working hard to battle the coronavirus outbreak.

As a retired Chief Petty Officer with the U.S. Navy Reserve, Tom offers a history of service to his country. Over a career spanning 25 years, he patrolled for Russian submarines, fuel embargo blockades, terrorists, and drug smugglers. Tom retired with honors and in 2020 was recognized for his service by the Merrimac Valley Chamber of Commerce.