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Expertly Designed Pest Control For Your Massachusetts Or New Hampshire Business

When you manage a business, protecting its reputation is one of the hardest challenges you face. No matter how big or small, any problem can lead to bad reviews, which can quickly spread, especially in our social media-driven world. If pests get into your Massachusetts or New Hampshire area business, even if it’s just the start of a tiny infestation, they immediately pose a threat to the reputation of your business. They can also cost you money and time as they damage your facility, inventory, and equipment or spread harmful diseases to your staff or customers.

At Freedom Pest Control, we are QualityPro certified and provide proven pest protection for all of our customers. We are careful to ensure your pest program is expertly designed and works effectively and efficiently using our ongoing training and state-of-the-art methods.

For more information about pest control and commercial properties, please visit this bulletin from the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources.


Customized Pest Control Delivered By Expert Technicians

At Freedom Pest Control, we provide continuous education to our service technicians to ensure our customers always receive the best service possible. With our QualityPro staff and Associate Certified Entomologists working for your business, we take the quality of your care very seriously.

Our Treatment Process


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The earlier a pest issue is discovered, the quicker it can be resolved. Our service technicians will inspect your facility to not only identify pests, but to also identify conditions that are conducive to pests. By identifying and correcting these conditions, we can stop infestations before they start.


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Using industry-leading technology and our state-of-the-art monitoring program, INTRAP, we will design a pest control program for your business that monitors for pest activity, ensures timely and thorough treatments, and uses quality assurance inspections to make sure the program is running as it should.

Follow up

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Maintaining your business’s pest-free status requires ongoing monitoring and follow-up services to keep your facility protected. Because every business is different and has different pest control needs, we’ll recommend a follow-up schedule that is customized to your business’s specific pest control needs.

Facilities We Service

We provide pest control solutions for a variety of businesses, including:

Customer Portal For Our Commercial Accounts

Our commercial accounts can easily manage their pest control services from their phone or computer through our customer portal. Our customer portal is a secure, encrypted platform that allows you to manage services and payments, even on the go, safely! Below are some of the benefits of our Customer Portal:

  • Request service

  • View upcoming services

  • View inspection reports

  • View Invoices, manage payments, update payment information

  • Update communication preferences

  • Contact us directly through the portal, communicate directly to your Freedom pest control account

  • Customers can see all the properties associated with the account that you log in to

  • Manage multiple properties and make requests based on those individual properties

  • Centralizes commercial data for accounts

Why You should choose freedom pest control

When the reputation of your business is at stake because of a pest infestation, you want experienced professionals on the job. Freedom Pest Control:

  • Has been serving Massachusetts and New Hampshire for over 25 years.

  • Has Associate Certified Entomologists on staff.

  • Is QualityPro certified.

  • Has a state-of-the-art lab where we study pest behaviors and biology to innovate programs and techniques that best meet the needs of our customers.

  • Has an Educational Facility that provides ongoing education to our service technicians and on-site consulting for our customers and your employees.

  • Is dedicated to advancing the science of pest control and sharing our expertise with our clients.

  • Has a mission to provide the best possible service to our customers by using the most advanced technology and environmentally sustainable practices.

  • Values integrity, customer service, innovation, collaboration, accountability, and giving back to our community.

  • Serves our community in many ways, including sponsoring youth sports and school initiatives, donating heating oil to families in need, and donating meals to nurses on the frontlines of the COVID-19 fight.

  • Is an active member of several professional organizations, including the National Pest Management Association, the Entomological Society of America, and more.

Comprehensive INTRAP Services For Massachusetts & New Hampshire

Rodent control has long been an ongoing process that requires a consistent effort that matches and exceeds the pace of infestation, so people in homes and businesses can enjoy a rodent-free property.

For the most part, there haven't been too many advances that give people the edge needed to make rodent infestations a thing of the past. That is, until now.

Created here at Freedom Pest Control, our INTRAP system, which stands for "Intelligent Real-Time Alert Program," uses the power of 5G connectivity to deliver pest management that is extremely efficient, responsive, and predictive.

We combine the advancements of the INTRAP system with our traditional methods — such as frequent site visits, an inspection of individual control stations, re-baiting of control stations, and manually noting activity — to deliver results that can't be matched.


INTRAP is a high-tech approach to rodent control that allows us to maintain a 24/7 watch of a property. Our expert technicians are alerted the moment there's pest activity instead of only responding long after the pest activity. As such, safety and compliance become automatic.

Even better, with this system, we're able to track and analyze data on an ongoing basis, so we can better predict infestations long before they have a chance to cause damage to the property.

Case Study: Commercial Fish processing facility

Here’s an example of how INTRAP works for one of our clients, a 25,000-square-foot fish processing facility located on a pier in Gloucester, Mass. We effectively maintain traditional rodent control stations at ground level in the facility. However, the rafters above serve as “rodent superhighways” that require the time-consuming and disruptive task of inspecting high-level bait stations with a ladder.

Meanwhile, the dark, rocky, and dangerous space underneath the facility poses other challenges. As our senior technician and associate certified entomologist Justin Marchand points out in the video below, getting to dozens of traps in this area is very difficult, and must be coordinated with the tide schedules.

However, with INTRAP, Justin no longer has to continually climb ladders or crawl through the darkness to inspect each and every rodent trap. Instead, by the time he arrives on-site, Justin already knows which bait stations have received visitors, or even had rodents pass by. So he only has to reset those traps that have caught a rodent, which allows more time for identifying and reducing the conditions that enable rodents to thrive.

Moreover, both individually and together, the INTRAP stations provide data that tells the story of where rodents have been and where they are going. That information helps us analyze, predict, and treat the facility with a reliable integrated pest management plan.

Don't stay stuck in the past with rodents or any other pest infestation. Step into the future and contact one of our technicians today to discuss INTRAP and how the system can help you with your pest problems.


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