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What are ants?

One of the most persistent and insistent pests that homeowners deal with regularly is the ant. They are small insects with six legs, three distinct body parts, and bent antennae. The most distinctive feature of these pests is the large colonies that they live together in. If you see one ant, there are many more nearby that you are about to see. Ants are social, and they work and travel together — the worker ants help each other gather food, maintain the nest, and defend the colony from danger.

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If you live in Massachusetts or New Hampshire, the most common species of ants you will run into are carpenter ants, pavement ants, citronella ants, and little black ants.

Are ants dangerous?

Depending on the species and where they are living, ants can be dangerous. Living outside and away from people and our property poses no harm and is quite environmentally beneficial. Ants help to aerate the soil, spread seeds and rid the ground of decaying wood. However, like with any other pest, they are unwelcome in our yards and especially in our homes. 

Some of the biggest problems associated with ants and what makes them so unwelcome are listed below:

  • They carry bacteria on their bodies and legs and will contaminate the surfaces of our home and outdoor eating areas.

  • Some species, like carpenter ants, can cause structural damage.

  • They are omnivores and feed on the same foods we do, contaminating our food as they gather it to bring it back to the nest.

  • Some ants are capable of biting and stinging people.

  • They invade spaces in large numbers.

  • If an ant colony is disturbed, many species can bud and create a new nesting site. Multiple nesting sites make these pests particularly difficult to control.

Why do I have an ant problem?

An ant’s sole mission in life is to help its colony thrive. They are always on the lookout for food sources to bring back to their colony. If you see ants wandering through your yard or inside your home, it is most likely because your property is offering:

  • Food

  • Water

  • Nesting sites

Because ants are so tenacious, they quickly take over spaces that provide them with their basic needs; reaching out for help as soon as you notice their presence is key to eliminating them!

Where will I find ants?

You'll find ants nesting in various spots depending on their species. Some species are particular about their nesting spots, with most ants choosing to nest in high-moisture areas.  

Carpenter ants nest inside pieces of old or decaying wood. Some of their favorite nesting sites include fallen trees, logs, woodpiles, and tree stumps. They are also well-known for nesting inside and damaging structural wood located in homes and businesses. 

Pavement ants like to nest in the damp soil found next to or in the cracks of sidewalks, driveways, and foundations. Favorite indoor nesting sites include spaces behind walls, voids, and in the cracks of masonry walls. 

Citronella ants and little black ants nest in similar areas, including the damp soil found under logs, landscaping ties, mulch, brush, and large rocks. Near our homes, they nest next to foundations, walls voids, behind woodwork, and inside of crawl spaces.

How do I get rid of ants?

One of the most frustrating and difficult to prevent household pests is the ant. To help you meet your goal of maintaining a home that is free of ants, turn to the professionals at Freedom Pest Control! We will solve your current ant problems and prevent their future return through customized, innovative, and eco-friendly pest control services. We are dedicated to our customers and helping them eliminate pests from their Massachusetts and New Hampshire properties. If you would like to learn more about our ant control services in Massachusetts or New Hampshire, including how we will help you achieve freedom from pests, reach out to Freedom Pest Control today!

How can I prevent ants in the future?

In addition to partnering with a professional pest control company, you can keep ants off your New England property with a few prevention tips:

  • Kitchens are places that ants frequent because they can find sources of both food and water.

  • Keep ants at bay by regularly washing dishes, sweeping floors, cleaning counters, and cleaning under and behind appliances. 

  • Eliminate their access to other food sources by keeping lids on trash cans and compost bins, keeping outdoor eating areas free of food debris, and maintaining gardens.

  • Ants and many other pests love to feed on pet food, pick up uneaten pet food after pets finish eating. 

Get rid of the moisture that ants are attracted to by repairing leaky pipes, clogged gutters, roof damage, and low-lying areas that allow rainwater to collect around your home’s foundation.
Block entry points by caulking cracks in the foundation, placing covers over vents, using an appropriate material to seal spaces around wires and pipes, and installing weather stripping around windows and doors.

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