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BED BUGS: do i have them?

Do I have bed bugs? This is a question usually asked in a panic state followed by what should I do? The first thing you do is try not to panic. Bed bug education is one of biggest part of bed bug treatments. Bed bugs are insects about the size of an apple seed with a reddish brown tint.

Our Bed Bug Services

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Bed Bug Inspection

Bed bugs are great at hiding. They seek tight crevices to hide. This is why inspections are very important. There are 3 types of bed bug inspections that we offer: a technician bed bug inspection, a technician bed bug inspection with monitors, or a canine inspection. A technician inspection is our trained technician performing a complete bed bug inspection in areas we normally find them. This inspection is only about 25% accurate because the bed bugs are better at hiding than people are at finding them.

The second option starts with the first type of inspection and when completed the technician will install a simple monitoring device that resembles a small plastic saucer. This device will capture any bed bugs that climb into them. Climbing is the bed bugs' first reaction to feeding because people are always above them. After 2 weeks we will return to inspect the monitors for and trapped bed bugs.

The third option is a Bed Bug K9 dog inspection and scent detection. Dogs have a keen sense of smell and once they are trained to alert to the presence of bed bug odors then the rest is simple. Freedom Pest Control can send a specially trained bed bug scent detection K9 team consisting of a handler and dog, along with our technician, to inspect your home. They will inspect quickly and about 95% accurately. Our Bed Bug Canine Scent Detection Teams can also inspect apartments, hotel rooms, office buildings, retail stores, daycare centers, college dormitories, vehicles, movie theaters, and more.

The Canine Scent Detection Team utilized by Freedom Pest Control is certified by the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association (NESDCA) and the Integrated Bed Bug Management Association (IBBMA). The dogs are trained to detect even just one live bed bug!

Bed Bug Treatments

There are 3 primary treatments that have a proven track record for bed bugs. Each has advantages and disadvantages. They are traditional treatments with chemical, heat treatment or thermal remediation, or a combination of both. Traditional treatments require significant preparation on the part of the occupant. For this reason, Freedom Pest Control offers a concierge service for bed bug treatments. If chemical treatments are requested and completing the preparation is an issue we can complete this service for you.

Traditional Treatments

Chemical treatment is a series of 3 treatments spaced out over 14-21 days. Bed bugs develop a resistance to some pesticides over time so we rotate our pesticide classes over the 3 rounds. In the first round, the technician will treat bed frames, wall voids like outlets or switch plates on the headboard wall, and all the interior baseboards of your home with one class of pesticide. In the second round, the technician will use a different class of pesticide to treat most of the same areas treated on the first round except the wall voids. The last treatment is a different class on the baseboards only.

Heat Treatments

Heat treatments or thermal remediation is a one-day treatment for bed bugs. Our technicians arrive early in the morning with a generator and portable heaters. The heaters are wheeled into your home and set up so that the temperature in the house will reach 135F. The preparation required for this treatment is simply to remove items that can melt and unplug electrical items. All of the items in your home are moved and rotated so that fans can move the hot air with our high-powered fans and kill the bed bugs.

Combined Treatment

The last method is a combination of both the heat and traditional treatments giving the longest coverage and warranty.

Bed Bug Treatment Methods: Pros & Cons

Traditional (Chemical)


- Most cost-effective treatment

- Residual effectiveness

Extreme Heat Above 120°F


- Chemical-free

- Kills all bed bug life cycles

- Can penetrate materials

- Can provide complete control within 24 hours

- Belongings do not have to be discarded



- Chemical-free

- Kills bed bugs and eggs on direct contact


Freezing (Cryonite)


- Chemical-free

- Kills bed bugs and eggs on direct contact


- Resistance varies by populations

Too much clutter will hamper effectiveness

- Some belongings may need to be discarded


- Treatments can fail if preparation is not done correctly

 - Most expensive of treatment options


- Does not penetrate materials

- Moisture left behind can be a problem & cause damage

- No residual effect

- Too much clutter will hamper effectiveness

- Some belongings may need to be discarded


- Does not penetrate materials

- No residual effect

- Too much clutter will hamper effectiveness

- Some belongings may  need to be discarded

Our Additional Bed Bug Services

In addition to our many bed bug inspection and treatment methods, we also offer the following bed bug services:

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