How To Get Rid Of Rodents On Your Merrimac Property

The cold weather might get rid of most of the bugs in Merrimac, but rodents are a year-round problem. Rats, mice, and squirrels are not only a nuisance; they can cause serious problems for your personal health and the health of your property. Rodents are an unfortunately common pest, so it’s good to know some tips on how to get rid of rodents on your Merrimac property.

House Mouse Under A Rock

Types Of Rodents In Merrimac

Merrimac hosts the standard assortment of wildlife and pests that many Massachusetts towns have, such as raccoons, skunks, opossums, and the occasional deer. But, wherever there are people, there are almost surely rodents, too. The most typical rodents you’ll find in Merrimac include:

  • House mice – Small and round, house mice are usually four inches or smaller in size and have grayish fur with a white underbelly. Their snouts are shorter and more pointed than rats.
  • Norway rats – Also known as sewer rats, these rodents are noticeably larger than mice at 10 inches or larger, plus the length of their scaly tail. They have dark brown fur and bigger, blockier heads than mice.
  • Gray squirrels – While not as inclined to infest homes and businesses as their cousins, squirrels can be a major headache once indoors. These pests grow up to 12 inches, are gray in color, and have a long bushy tail.

So why is it so bad to have rodents on your property? First, rodents destroy property and belongings. Their large incisor teeth compel them to constantly gnaw, which results in damaged wood, plastic, cardboard, and even brick. In some cases, gnawing rodents have been known to chew through electrical wires and cause fires.

Rodents also spread disease and parasites. Their droppings can spread E. coli and salmonella bacteria as well as hantavirus. They can cause irreparable contamination to insulation and other surfaces on your property. Parasites like ticks and fleas are also commonly brought onto the property by rodents, which can spread diseases of their own.

Why Rodents Infest Your Property

Pest rodents have evolved to be dependent on humans for food, water, and shelter. They can fend for themselves in the wild, but your property is a much easier environment to survive in than the great outdoors. Rodents are very attracted to food and may be drawn to your property because of nuts or fruit in your yard, food waste in your trash, or even leftover pet food.

Exterior damage often leads to rodents infesting your property, which is especially tempting in the cold winter months. Even the smallest gap or crack can be a potential entryway for mice and rats. Most mice only need about a nickel-sized hole to squeeze through!

Why Rodents Are So Hard To Get Rid Of

Rodents are incredibly adept at breeding and hiding, two factors that make them especially difficult to get rid of. Not to mention, these pests are often smarter than we give them credit for, often avoiding store-bought baits and traps. Trying to eliminate rodents on your own can expose you to harmful rodent droppings and may even lead to nasty bites. That’s why the safest, most effective way to get rid of rodents on your Merrimac property is with help from Freedom Pest Control. Our residential and commercial pest control plans are affordable and thorough for year-round defense against rodents.

Rodent Prevention Tips

You can keep rodents off of your property by following these straightforward tips:

  • Put a lid on it. Keep trash cans covered and kept at least 20 feet away from the property.
  • Clean up often. Make sure to clean food messes as they occur. Sweep, mop, and vacuum floors regularly.
  • Prevent entry. Examine the exterior of your property for damage. Stuff any holes with steel wool and patch larger openings with metal mesh.
  • Call the pros. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experts at Freedom Pest Control for any information or advice!

To learn more about our rodent control offerings, contact us today.

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