Should I Worry About Ant Control During The Winter Months In Merrimac?

When it comes to pests around Merrimac, Massachusetts, many people assume that pest problems only really happen in the spring and summer. However, many pests remain or even become more common during the winter months. Ants are one species that can cause problems throughout the year.

ants eating food

While it’s true that you’ll likely see a decrease in ant activity as the weather cools down, this doesn’t mean they’ve completely gone away. Just because they are out of sight doesn’t mean you should stop trying to prevent them.

Ants will often remain inside throughout the winter, especially if they were already there. You could have infestations in your home without even realizing it, and this can lead to major issues.

One of the most common ant species in the area to overwinter is the carpenter ant. These ants are known for tunneling through wood, and they can do a lot of damage before you realize they are there.

What Happens To Ants In The Winter?

Ants, like many other insects, enter a dormant period when winter sets in. This is an adaptation they have that slows down their metabolism, and they enter a state called “diapause.” Their movements become slower, and they don’t need to consume as much food as normal.

However, they are still around. You’re most likely to notice winter ant problems once spring returns. At this point, any ants that have been living inside your home will become more active. But, it can take a while before you see just how extensive their presence has been.

Most likely, they have established a colony inside of your building, and at this point, removing them can be difficult.

Signs Of Ant Activity

While ants can be difficult to notice at first, there are some signs you can look out for, especially when it comes to carpenter ants. These include:

  • Hearing rustling sounds inside of the walls
  • Noticing small bits of sawdust next to wooden structures.
  • Hollow sounds in wooden objects
  • Seeing discarded wings around the property, especially near walls and baseboards

If you don’t think you have ants, it’s a great time to take steps to prevent them. While it is best to try to prevent overwintering ants in the fall, you can still do a few things in the winter, including getting residential pest control help. Here are three things to do to make your property less appealing to ants:

  • Keep garbage cans covered with lids and always take out the trash on a regular basis.
  • Ensure kitchen spaces are kept clean, which means wiping food and drink spills up and doing dirty dishes.
  • Make it more challenging for ants to come inside by installing door sweeps and weather stripping.

Also, use caulk or foam insulation to seal up holes in the walls and foundation.
For more advice or assistance with ant prevention, call the experts at Freedom Pest Control.

How Can You Remove Carpenter Ants And Other Ants

If you find ants already inside your Merrimac property, trying to remove them on your own isn’t the most effective option. Carpenter ants especially live inside wooden beams and flooring, so it’s difficult to locate and eradicate them.

Because of this, the only truly effective and reliable way to remove carpenter ants is with assistance from pest control professionals like those of us at Freedom Pest Control. Call us today to get started or request a free quote.

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