How Dangerous Are Bats On My Merrimac Property?

Bats are winged mammals of the order Chiroptera that exist in hundreds of different species worldwide, with at least 30 types identified in the U.S. Bats are generally nocturnal, and are known for preferring dark and isolated locations. The lifespan of a bat may extend to nearly 30 years, and they typically consume a diet consisting of moths, beetles, mosquitoes, and others. The body of a bat has a brownish or black color, and ranges in length from three to seven inches, with a lengthier wingspan. Bats are equipped with large ears used for detecting activity, have bodies that are covered in hair, and their wings consist of bones covered by a membrane.

bats on a stone

The Dangers And Problems Associated With Bats

It is very unlikely that a bat would attack a human unless they are threatened. Bats can bite people, and anyone that is bitten should promptly seek medical attention to be tested for rabies. Keep in mind that it is generally not possible to determine whether a bat has rabies based on its appearance or behavior.

Rabies is a dangerous disease that may lead to major inflammation within the brain. Bat droppings (guano) are another potential health risk, because they often contain harmful pathogens that could be inhaled and result in histoplasmosis. Property owners are generally advised to have any droppings professionally removed, and the area fully decontaminated.

The Most Likely Places To Encounter Bats

Some individuals first notice the presence of bats on their property flying in their typical erratic manner near overhead exterior lighting where flies and other prey congregate. Bats will most likely enter unoccupied attic areas of structure, which provides them some shelter. Other indications of intrusion by bats include piles of their guano in your attic, or near the sides of the property’s exterior, as well as scratching sounds resulting from their movement.

Why Should I Contact A Local Pest Management Professional?

People who suspect an intrusion from bats are not encouraged to attempt taking matters into their own hands. Retailers market repellants, ultrasonic noise emission devices, and other products that claim to prevent bats. However, the majority of these options are ineffective.

The best course of action is to speak with a pest extermination company that will conduct a detailed interior and exterior property inspection to determine the extent of the problem. Next, they will propose safe and highly effective treatment options that are proven solutions.

The team at Freedom Pest Control understands the best practices for prevention, removing, and excluding these and other pests. One example of our methods used for bats involves the installation of a one-way door that allows the bat to exit but prevents them from reentering.
The technician then returns several weeks later to remove the door and permanently seal the point of entry.

Licensed Provider Of Pest Extermination Services In Merrimac

For many years now, Freedom Pest Control has been assisting home and business owners in the Merrimac region that are struggling with pest-related problems. Much of our sustainable success is attributed to a commitment to providing superior customer service.

Our specialists have many years of experience solving problems related to cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, and many other unwanted pests that quickly become a nuisance, and may cause property damages and create health risks. Give us a call or schedule an online appointment through our website for a comprehensive inspection and estimate. Remember to ask about the Freedom Pest Control Gold Protection Plan that ensures protection year-round, involving seasonal visits to the property from our skilled technicians.

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