Why Can't I Get These Mice Out Of My Merrimac, MA Home?

There aren’t very many insects and creatures that could be called innocent. One reason is that the vast majority could destroy your personal effects or your Merrimac, MA home. Additionally, they may put your health on the line. If you’re not stung, bitten, or otherwise injured, you’ll fall ill potentially. Lots of creepy crawlers spread diseases and harmful germs. The risk level especially increases when a pest that procreates quickly is involved. Case in point, mice. They are a great threat to humans.

Once more, mice have attributes that could result in you going to the emergency room. Even if that doesn’t happen, your property is bound to be significantly impacted. To make matters worse, these animals are hard to keep out or get rid of. Find out why and how Freedom Pest Control can help. 


How Do Mice Function? What Are the Hazards?

House mice, as you might have guessed, frequently violate human dwellings. They are covered in brown, black, or gray hairs, with stomachs that are a lighter shade. Being extremely flexible, their 7 inch long bodies can pass through holes just ½ of an inch in diameter. If there’s any difficulty, they’ll simply chew open a path. Most likely, the pests will be in low-traffic spots that are dark and humid. For example, structural voids, cabinets, and basements. Vermin are common in residential zones close to grassy or woody areas.

The teeth of mice are sharp and constantly growing. To file them, these animals will gnaw on walls, pipes, and wires. Expensive repairs will be needed the longer they’re able to thrive in your home. You might have to contend with cosmetic damage, plumbing issues, or an electrical outage or fire. Not to mention, being hesitant to eat food or use surfaces. Mice can contaminate these items because they have parasites and microbes in their fur. Bacterial cells are also in their saliva and waste. As if they don’t have enough germs, they can pick up more when they run through trash, gutters, alleys, and other filthy settings. Three conditions they are known to disperse are hantavirus, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, and salmonella. Indicators of infestation are:

  • Finding rod-like fecal pellets with ends that are blunted  
  • Discovering footprints with five back toes and four front toes
  • Hearing squeaking and scratching noises
  • Noticing bite indentations on cords and foundations
  • Smelling foul odors persistently

What Can Be Done to Prevent Mice?

You have to be diligent about preventative measures for mice. It doesn’t take much for these pests to get indoors. On top of that, they can reproduce rapidly and at mass. Upkeep of your property and land is vital. Perform these tasks:

  • Reduce clutter.
  • Clean your kitchen and pantries thoroughly and regularly, including washing the dishes.
  • On a routine basis, vacuum, sweep, and mop. 
  • Put food and garbage in canisters with secure lids. Don’t exclude pet food.
  • Have moisture complications and leaks fixed right away.
  • Seal gaps in foundations, windows, doors, and utilities. Instead of rubber or plastic, use steel wool.
  • Flush out gutters, vents, and drains recurrently.
  • Sit greenery two feet away from the property.
  • Mow the lawn and trim plants often.

What Can Freedom Pest Control Do About Mice?

Retail products and traps for mice are limited in their effectiveness. Generally, only individual mice will be killed. Furthermore, they can be pricey and quite toxic. For safe treatments that will yield the desired outcome long-term, contact us at Freedom Pest Control. Our expert technicians will apply industrial-grade rodenticides and install baits that will get the job done. Entryways will be addressed with exclusion techniques as well. Shield yourself and call us today to get  your mouse control started!

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