How To Get Rid Of Bats On Your Portsmouth Property

Insects arouse fear, as they often have threatening looks and behaviors. Most can bite, scratch, or sting you. In addition, they might expose you to germs or illnesses. This is why property owners should have pest control in Portsmouth. Bugs are concerning, but you have to think about wildlife as well. In this area, bat control is vital.

It may seem unusual, but bat control specialists for your Portsmouth home or business are available because of how prevalent the animals are. They damage structures and can make you sick. Freedom Pest Control can assist you; we have humane bat control techniques.

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How To Tell If You Have A Bat Problem On Your Property

The size and color of bats vary. On the smaller end, they can be around 2 inches long. Larger ones are 5 inches or more. In relation to their wingspan, it can be vast at 11 inches or wider. While many species are black, a good amount is gray or brown.

Domiciles and establishments with pest control issues will attract bats because the creatures consume insects. The existence of a body of water, landscaping, and a bounty of greenery nearby will also make your place a target. These critters tend to enter through the upper interiors, so discerning how to control bats in the attic is important. Typical passageways are louvers, chimneys, vents, facia boards, and doors. After they’ve gotten inside, they’ll settle into quiet and dark zones—for example, belfries and outbuildings, like sheds and garages. Bats will be in hollow trees when outdoors.

Infestation signs are as follows:

  • Noticing squeaking or scratching sounds
  • Observing flying bats at sunset
  • Discovering droppings
  • Smelling urine; the odors are strongest when the weather is warm.

Why Bats On Your Property Can Be A Health Risk

Again, bat control must be prioritized because these pests are a danger to your health. Not only do they have parasites, but they are carriers of bacteria and pathogens. Their fecal matter contains fungi that are associated with lung disease. As if that weren’t bad enough, bats can have rabies. Human symptoms include psychological disruptions and convulsions. Fleas and mites could be crawling on them too. Avoid going near bats because they bite when in defensive mode.

The Safe And Humane Way To Remove Bats

Commercial bat control products aren’t effective overall, and they can be risky to use. On top of that, they’re costly. “Do it yourself” items aren’t any better. We at Freedom Pest Control have humane bat control equipment, such as one-way doors. The animals will exit your property and won’t be able to come back. Exclusion, insulation replacement, and sanitation services are available. Call today for a free quote and access our bat control specialists for your Portsmouth home or business!

How To Prevent Bats From Returning To Your Property

Enhancing your lawn and exterior building maintenance is how to control bats in the attic. Despite how tedious the tasks may be, it's vital to do this. Rather than employ unreliable bat control products from stores, take these steps:

  • Seal openings in foundations, doors, and rooflines. You can try caulk or steel wool, which is difficult for bats to bite through.
  • Make sure all screens and sweeps are intact. Verify that doors and windows can shut firmly.
  • Attach covers to all chimneys, and add caps to every outer vent.
  • Mow the lawn and trim shrubs, bushes, and flowers on a routine basis.
  • Don’t overwater the yard or overplant your greenery.

These duties can make bat invasions less likely. It can also help with general critter prevention. Remember, Freedom Pest Control will support you with advanced resources! Get a free quote today!

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